2020 Angeles Chapter Elections Bulletin

  • Posted on 27 July 2020
  • By Jay Schneider, Elections Committee Chair
The Sierra Club is a democracy! The national board of directors, as well as the chapter executive committee and the regional groups, are elected by members. Transparency is a key element of democracy and this post explains how our elections work -- if you have a question, please get in touch.
The Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club has begun its process of elections for the Chapter Executive Committee and the executive committees of its 14 groups.  Notices to each of the constituent groups have been sent by email.  The election schedule is as follows:
Angeles Chapter ExCom Ballot Schedule DATE
∙  The Nominating Committee presents it’s list of nominees to the Angeles Chapter ExCom  7/26/2020
∙   Chapter ExCom Petition, during which time any member can gather signatures to get on the ballot. If you would like to get on the ballot, get in touch. 7/27 - 8/24/2020
Regional Group ExCom Ballot Process  
∙   Establishment of Group Nominating Committees – Report number of open seats and name and contact information of the committee chair to the Chapter Election Committee Chair By 8/3/2020
 Group Nominee Deadline 8/31/2020
∙  Chapter and Group Excom nominee statement deadline 8/31/2020
∙  Preparation of election materials. Election ballots and candidate statements are inserted into the October-December  SoCal Now, our Southern Sierra email newsletter, and our website. Starting 8/31/2020
Voting 10/5 – 11/9/2020
Groups are in the process of looking for candidates for their open positions.  
Any Sierra Club member may petition to be placed upon the ballot for the Angeles Chapter Executive Committee.
If you have any questions, please contact Jay Schneider at rtnttnj@aol.com.
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