Tina Bowman Does it Again!

  • Posted on 21 October 2019
  • By mmendez
Tina Bowman ans Doug Mantle
We are delighted to report that last Saturday, October 19th, Tina Bowman, mountaineer, climber, and Sierra Club leader completed the Sierra Peaks List (SPS) for the third time atop San Joaquin Peak near Mammoth Mountain. Present were Doug Mantle (SPS list x7!), 3 other SPS list finishers, and a total group of 12 who joined Tina at the summit. 
Tina and Doug are the only people to have finished the SPS list more than once, and she is the first woman to accomplish this. Tina has also finished the Desert Peaks (DPS) list three times, the Hundred Peaks (HPS) list twice, and the Lower Peaks (LPS) list once. Farther afield, she has summited Acancagua in Argentina, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Pt. Lenana on Mt. Kenya in Kenya, Mt. Elbrus in Russia, and more than one of the Mexican volcanos.
She has also chaired the SPS, DPS and the Leadership Training Committee, and she has long edited the Leaders Reference Book and the SPS Echo newsletter.
Congratulations Tina, it’s an astonishing achievement by any measure. 
Tina and Tom Bowman 
SPS List finishers Group
SPS List Finishers
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