Santa Ana River Mouth 10-3-21 Oil Spill

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Newsletter of the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
October 2021

Orange County Oil Spill - What We Know & How You Can Help

A major oil spill off the Orange County coast has reportedly spilled at least 126,000 gallons of oil into coastal waters and local wetlands.


Dyana Peña has became chair of the Angeles Chapter when Dennis Loya stepped down from the position mid-September. Read the chapter's statement on the transition here.

The end of oil is here for LA County. On September 15, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to begin to phase out oil drilling in LA County and implement a justice transition that will ensure that the workers and communities most impacted will have a say in the process. Here's how SC volunteers and organizers reacted to the news.

WEBINAR - Why You Should Pass on Gas: The Benefits of Electrification.
Thurs. Oct. 21st, 5-7 PM PT. Relying on gas energy isn’t just bad for the environment -- it’s taking a toll on our health, too. Hear from public health experts why electrification is the best and healthiest option featuring Colleen Callahan, Deputy Director, Luskin Center for Innovation. UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. RSVP here.

Here's the latest in the fight to protect an ancient aquifer under the Mojave Desert near Joshua Tree National Park. Will water district board members Mike Ti and Jody Roberto end rigged study promoting this desert-damaging water project?

Protect Critical LA Wildlife & Habitats from Over-Development. Call on LA City Council & the Mayor to demand Director of Planning Vince Bertoni rescind the issuance of a detrimental memo slashing critical oversight of LA’s Mulholland Scenic Parkway and wildlife corridor.

A nationally powered, locally experienced event to raise money to protect our planet. Your donation supports Sierra Club’s Angeles Chapter as well as national efforts to ensure a clean energy future, preserve public lands and open space, and eliminate toxins in the air we breathe. There's still time to participate!

In an emergency, would your neighbors know what to do to help you? Would you know how to help them? Would you like to make your neighborhood safer and more livable? LA City residents are invited to join Chapter Director Morgan Goodwin for a Cool Blocks Café to create the sort of neighborhoods we want to live in.

Are you curious to learn how racism is fueling the climate crisis? Ready to be part of a multiracial, intergenerational, cross-class movement to end white supremacy? Chapter Director Morgan Goodwin will be panelist in an upcoming event building off of Hop's latest article in the Sierra Magazine.


An Intimate Study – Ant on Sunflower by Larry Miller
Pentax K-1 Camera Body | Pentax K Lens – 85 mm |1/40 @ f4.0, ISO 100

See this photo and many more in Focal Points Magazine, courtesy of the Angeles Chapter Camera Committee. Instructions to subscribe are in Focal Points or contact the editor.

The Los Angeles River by Peter Bennet (Citizen of the Planet Photography) Peter's been photographing the Los Angeles River since 2008, one of its most transformative periods, capturing beautiful riverscapes, majestic historic bridges, captivating still-life’s and exciting glimpses of the river’s wildlife and many recreational activities. There is a hardcover and softcover edition. Proceeds are generously split with the chapter. Preorder your copy today.

The Los Angeles River, by Peter Bennet


Celebrating Public Lands Day! Check out the Sierra Club Trail Crew in action at Peter Strauss Ranch last Saturday 9/25.

Outings are now on, but we are reopening slowly. No vaccine or tests are required on most Sierra Club outings. You are potentially on a trip with individuals vaccinated and unvaccinated. You are welcome to wear a mask if it makes you comfortable. Please stay home if you are sick or experiencing any possible COVID symptoms.

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