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Southern Sierran

Newsletter of the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
January 2021

Another Climate Change Issue - Extreme Fire Behavior

Along with many difficulties presented from the pandemic, fire season has become increasingly worse and longer since the 1970s. We interviewed San Francisco Fire Department Captain Julie Mau to better understand the severity of the fires, changing behaviors, environmental impacts, and precautionary steps for citizens to take. Are you properly prepared for the next fire season?

Living with Wildfire

Successful Campaign PlanningSuccessful Campaign Planning 4 Simple Steps

By Everette Phillips
Photo by John Nilsson

What are the essential parts of a campaign plan? Winning campaigns depend on these four critical phases.

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Don't Foul the OwlDon't Foul the Owl - A Coastal Activist Introduction

By Grassroots Outreach Team
Photo by Banning Ranch Taskforce

How owls the size of small bean cans help activists protect coastal land from illegal development.

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The Early Winter Birder

The Early (Winter) Birder Gets the Bird

By Marcia Hanscom
Photo by Rick Pine

Winter brings thousands of migratory birds to SoCal. Here are a few species birding enthusiasts and conservation activists should look out for.

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MicrofibersMicrofiber is NOT a Micro Problem

By Simone Kuhfal
Photo by the Surfrider Foundation

Mircoplastics from synthetic clothing like tech chinos and 'athleisure' are ending up in our waterways, marine life, and even our stomachs.

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Orange CountyOrange County: Waste, Water and Energy

By Hoiyin Ip
Photo by Hoiyin Ip

About the progress made during 2020 on Conservation issues in Orange County and the next round of actions needed in 2021.

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Donate your car

Photo: Abandoned Old Car in Purple Lupine Field , © by ryancslimakphoto , all rights reserved


GARBAGE IN, GLOBAL WARMING OUT - Cities in California are failing to meet goals to divert organic waste from landfills (75%) and curb methane emissions by 2025. Learn how Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts are finding creative solutions to get us back on track and how you can help.

ADD YOUR VOICE - It's time to electrify LA County. Call on LA county supervisors to act on the building electrification recommendations in the LA County Climate Action Plan (CAP). CAP ensures public health protection, more affordable housing & climate solutions.

HERE KITTY, KITTY! - Join Beth Pratt, California Regional Executive Director for the National Wildlife Federation, for a talk about coexisting with mountain lions in the second largest city in the country on Zoom at 7 p.m. on Thursday, January 14, 2021. Sponsored by the West LA Group.

PHOTO OF THE MONTH - Yosemite Gold by John Nilsson. "November saw the oaks, the cottonwoods, the dogwoods, the aspens and the grasses glowing all at once, then it snowed." See this photo and many more in Focal Points Magazine. To subscribe contact the editor (instructions in Focal Points).
DONATE YOUR CAR - Looking to ditch that old clunker in the New Year? When you donate a vehicle that you no longer need or use, you reduce your impact, support the charitable programs of the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter sponsored by the Sierra Club Foundation, and receive a tax deduction.


photo by Bob Cates

We regret to inform you the great Sierra Club volunteer and chief trail builder of the Santa Monica Mountains, Ron Webster, passed away January 7, 2021. His eternal legacy will be the many trails in our local mountains so many people enjoy everyday.

He and his wife Mary Ann created the Santa Monica Mountains Task Force many decades ago, introducing the outdoors to countless thousands of hikers, most in their 20s/30s when they first discovered these trails. Read more about Ron and other late chapter members on our remembrance page.

If your loved one has passed on and they were involved in the Sierra Club's Angeles Chapter, please let us know so we can remember their life and passion. Please use this form.

Bob Cates Autumn colors of buckwheat and bunchgrass on Pinyon Ridge


WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE? - Ensure your environmental legacy by naming the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter in your will or trust. Join Angeles Chapter Director, Morgan Goodwin, and Fundraising Chair Juana Torres for an informational meeting on planned giving to the Sierra Club Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 3 p.m.