A classic perch for a classic wave. Tommy Witt, on point at Old Man's.

Southern Sierran

Newsletter of the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
November 2020

Historic Win for San Onofre State Beach

After a two decade long battle, Bill AB1426 permanently protects San Onofre State Beach from road development.

Long-Sought Win for Hallowed CA Landmark

Keep Griffith Park Wild

P22, The Griffith Park mountain lion by Steve Winter for Nat Geo

Central Group Chair and volunteer organizer Barbara Hensleigh lands a quote in this LA Times article about the opposition effort to the proposed gondola project in Griffith Park. Join our coalition by signing this petition & help us reach our 4,000 supporter goal.

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Regenerative Agriculture in Los AngelesRegenerative Agriculture in Los Angeles

By Felicity Crossland, Communications Volunteer
Photo by Robyn Beck

Meet Avenue 33, an innovative urban farm in the heart of Los Angeles, paving the way for a new sustainable future.

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Emergent Strategy

From the Director's Desk: Emergent Strategy

By Morgan Goodwin Senior Director, Angeles Chapter
Photo by Morgan Goodwin

Morgan shares some of adrianne maree brown's principles of emergent strategy, and how we are growing as the Sierra Club in the Angeles region.

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Kimberly OrbeNew Conservation Program Manager

By Angeles Chapter
Photo by Kimberly Orbe

The Sierra Club Angeles Chapter welcomes Kimberly Orbe as the new Conservation Program Manager on staff at the Angeles Chapter office.

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Donate your car

Photo by Grant Ellis - Surfer.com


THRIVING TOGETHER- The Sierra Club helped debut a new video last week that shows the urgent need for an economic renewal plan that tackles the interlocking crises of climate change, mass unemployment, public health, and racial injustice.

New Series on Wildfire- The Forest Committee will be presenting a one-of-a-kind assessment of the impacts of the recent Bobcat Fire, featuring speakers from the Forest Service and Chaparral Institute. Wednesday Nov 18th, 7:30 PM on Zoom. RSVP here.

California Dreaming- Thanks to some amazing organizing work from local activists, last week the Culver City, California, city council voted unanimously in support of recommendations to phase out oil drilling, properly cap and remediate oil sites, and develop a plan to enact a just transition for workers within five years.

Photo of the month- Vestrahorn, Stokksnes Peninsula, Iceland by David DesRochers in Focal Points Magazine, courtesy of the Angeles Chapter Camera Committee. To subscribe, contact the editor.

Honoring those that have passed

The Sierra Club is indebted to the contributions of its dedicated members. This is a space for members to remember and honor those who have passed on, for whatever reason. If you would like to share a few words about someone from the Sierra Club community that passed away, please use this form. We'll be sharing remembrances on our website and in monthly newsletters.

Bob Cates Autumn colors of buckwheat and bunchgrass on Pinyon Ridge