Activist Academy: Meet the trainers

  • Posted on 1 February 2024
  • By Apriori Diaz, Activist Academy Intern
Who's ready to meet this year's Activist Academy Trainers? They can't wait for classes to begin.

We have co-created a space where we bring together folks who have been fighting for climate justice and are involved in ESJ campaigns (ending oil drilling, 100% clean resilient future, conservation of our lands, etc.). We invite you to join deep conversations, take action, and be a part of our movement. Come find your community with us among other activists and organizers who are passionate about advocating for climate and environmental justice. 

The Activist Academy is a FREE 10-session leadership program for folks 18-35 y/o who are passionate about climate justice and looking to develop skills to make change in their communities. The program is focused on areas that will contribute to participant’s leadership growth. Did we mention you also get paid for participating. It’s TRUE. Start Spring with other like minded individuals and invest in your organizing skills. Learn more at our website. Class Schedule and an FAQ section are also posted on our website among other resources.

FYI: Our deadline to apply is February 11th and we only accept 20 participants for each cohort. If you are interested in being a part of the program this year, don’t wait to apply.

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