Rooftop Solar Tour Recap

  • Posted on 4 December 2023
  • By Kim Orbe, Senior Conservation Program Manager


Photographed, Community Activists, local elected officials, and Revamp Energy staff

Community Activists, local elected officials, and Revamp Energy staff

On Saturday, December 2nd, Sierra Club volunteers, community activists, and elected officials gathered to learn more about the ongoing need for rooftop solar investments. The tour was facilitated by Revamp Energy President, Jay Cutting, who was able to walk us through this special solar rooftop project in Monrovia. 
The tour included a discussion about the IRA funding opportunities, the climate at the CPUC on solar incentives, and the special opportunities to enter into relationships with partners who care both about cost savings and the climate. We were able to see firsthand the onsite rooftop solar as well as the custom-built backup battery storage that was created to meet the needs of the facility we toured.  Many of the attendees had great questions for Jay and the team about the components and functionality of the equipment, costs, microgrid reliability, consumer accessibility, and more.
What we learned from the event was that it is going to take everyone from community activists, elected officials, and the private sector to come together to advocate for strong climate policies and investments. We are looking to launch our community advocates program which consists of volunteers who are committed to bringing resources to our local communities and leveraging IRA funding to bring decarbonization projects to our region. There was much reason for optimism after this tour as we saw how we can come together to find solutions to our most pressing climate needs. 
Many thanks to the revamp team for making time to share with us how they have been dedicated to promoting a clean, sustainable future by helping homeowners and businesses find innovative ways to become more energy-independent and for changing the face of this sector to become more diverse and representative of the communities who also deserve to be served and a part of this climate solution. 
If you are interested in learning more about the community-advocates program, please email This group of advocates will begin meeting in January 2024. 
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