Can You Afford To Lose Power? We Don't Think So Either

  • Posted on 6 July 2023
  • By Swell Energy & Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
This Spring, a wind storm wreaked havoc in Northern California, leaving over 160,000 residents without power, many enduring up to two full days without electricity. 
We understand the impact of these outages in our interconnected world and the importance of being prepared for natural weather disturbances. Adding energy storage to your home gives you the power security you need for unexpected outages. With seasonal weather strain, wildfire threats and an aging, overburdened electric grid, now is the time to back up your power with an energy storage battery. By doing so, you’ll get: 
  • Increased power security - When the lights go off, yours stay on!
  • Inflation proof energy costs - Lock in fixed bill savings for years to come. 
  • Tax credits - State rebates and 30% Inflation Reduction Act Federal Tax Credit
  • GridRevenue™ - Earn additional revenue when joining the Community Grid Program
Eligible customers with a home battery connected to their solar system can earn additional cash incentives by participating in a Swell Virtual Power Plant program. By enrolling, you’ll contribute to the strength of our local grid and receive a participation payment once your system becomes operational. Plus, you’ll earn ongoing annual participation payments
As a Sierra Club Angeles member, you qualify for up to $500 off your energy storage installation and we’ll donate up to $750 to the chapter on your behalf. PLUS Sierra Club members get additional cash incentives for enrolling in a VPP.
Be prepared, stay connected, and never be left in the dark. Secure your energy today!
To learn more call Swell Energy at 888-839-0296 or visit
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