Avoid Grid Black Outs With Swell Energy's Black Friday Offer!

  • Posted on 4 November 2022
  • By Angeles Chapter Updates
Extreme weather events, due to climate change, are increasingly straining the aging and overburdened electric grid. As high electricity demand continues to stress the grid, the need for Flex Alerts, which call for consumers to voluntarily conserve electricity to prevent blackouts, increases. Our aging infrastructure needs our help. A resilient energy grid powered by renewables can help offset rising energy costs and ensure your lights stay on when the power goes off.
Don’t get caught in a blackout! Take advantage of the Sierra Club and Swell Energy Black Friday promotion. Enjoy a free gift on us when you book an appointment and speak with a Swell Energy consultant by November 30th. Plus, we’re increasing our offer to $750 off solar, energy storage or both through November 30th!
free gift when you book an appointment and speak with a Swell Energy consultant.
Free gift when you book an appointment and speak with a Swell Energy consultant
We’re eager to help you join other Sierra Club members who have transitioned to clean energy to power their homes. Swell Energy supports the Sierra Club mission of the enjoyment and protection of our planet’s environment, and is working to make the adoption of reliable, renewable energy affordable for Sierra Club members. If you already have solar, consider adding an energy storage battery that will secure your power in the event of a blackout. If you don’t have solar, there is no better time than Black Friday to take advantage of Swell’s offer for Sierra Club members.  
In partnership with Swell Energy, Sierra Club members can take advantage of $750 cashback for Black Friday, plus Swell will donate up to $750 to the Sierra Club Angeles for the purchase of solar, energy storage, or both. It's a win, win, win…for you, for the Sierra Club, and for the planet. Swell Energy takes homeowners through the entire process—from discovery to site assessment, proposal and contract in a one on one consultative experience to meet your unique home energy needs. 
The many benefits of going solar plus energy storage with Swell Energy include:
  • $0 down system installation with fixed, inflation-proof energy rates 
  • Lower energy bills by charging during the day, when rates are lowest, and using your stored energy during peak times, when rates are highest
  • 30% federal tax credit for solar and energy storage 
  • $750 cashback as a Sierra Club member and a matching donation up to $750 to your Sierra Club local chapter on your behalf

Help us transform the power grid to one powered by renewable energy. If you've ever considered going solar or adding energy storage to your solar, you can get started today with a free home energy system consultation. Schedule a time here by November 30th and receive a free gift on us!

Who Is Swell? 
Swell is a different kind of solar company. While they sell solar and battery backup clean energy systems for your home, like some other solar companies, what sets Swell apart from the rest is their commitment to “creating a greater grid for the greater good.” They do this by bringing solar to the masses with flexible finance offerings and incentives, by collaborating with utility partners to integrate more clean energy generated by homeowners and small businesses into the power mix, and by working to provide energy security to critical infrastructure and underserved residents of California. 
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