Dyana Peña selected by peers to serve an additional year on the Angeles Executive Committee

  • Posted on 10 January 2022
  • By Everette Phillips
During 2021, Dyana Peña was serving as ExComm Vice Chair as part of her first term of two years on the Executive Committee. Dyana was voted to be vice-chair in January 2021. When Dennis Loya stepped down as Chair in September, Dyana rose to the challenge of assuming the position of chair in mid-term and while the chapter was still struggling with the impact of social distancing. Dennis also left an empty seat on ExComm just as candidates were being selected by the Nominations Committee. Rather than fill the empty seat left by Dennis during an election, it was decided to wait until the December meeting to fill the seat. Impressed by how Dyana kept continuity of the Angeles Chapter, it was decided to offer Dyana the option to serve the remainder of Dennis’ term. Dyana accepted and will serve 2022 on the Executive Committee.
Pictured: Dyana Peña
Dyana grew up with a deep appreciation for our natural environment and in an area of Los Angeles with prevalent environmental issues, she is committed to improving the quality of life in her community and for all of the residents of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. When not volunteering for the Sierra Club Dyana has a career as an environmental educator. 
Dyana began her involvement with the Sierra Club in college by attending climate rallies. She then became a member and was officially involved in 2017 by joining the Orange County Political Committee. Since then, she has joined the Equity Advisory Group for the Angeles Chapter, and has been serving on the Executive Committee. She is also on the Sierra Club’s Equity Learning Strategy design team.
Feel free to reach out to Dyana and other new and returning Executive Committee members as they start their 2022 term.
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