Parable of the Sower Book Club Recap & What's Next!

  • Posted on 10 September 2021
  • By Kimberly Orbe- Conservation Program Manager
Can’t stop, won’t stop! Last month the Angeles Chapter staff and 12 amazing participants gathered to discuss the Environmental Social Justice Book Club’s third read of the year, Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler. 
Participants joined virtually from all over Los Angeles and brought great energy! Everyone felt eager to jump in and share all of their thoughts and questions they had been holding in from reading Butler’s chillingly prescient novel. Octavia Butler and her mastery in writing on climate issues we are experiencing gave us so much to connect and discuss. From wildfires, drought, race, and climate refugees, the group had some very dynamic conversations. 
Key Takeaways from the group:
  • Interesting dialogue around the theme of fire in the book, the destruction it causes, and its symbolism for change in Lauren’s life (the protagonist)
  • How race is intertwined in the book’s narrative, slavery, and mixed-race relationships
  • Modern slavery in Lauren’s world and the connections to existing slavery-like labor in max production corporations like Amazon who take advantage of workers.
  • Dynamic discussion on hyper-empathy: Is there a lack of it in our world? Is it a superpower or a weakness?
  • Discussion on this cautionary tale, if we do not take action on climate change, especially with the current climate crisis we are experiencing in California.
We cannot express enough how appreciative we are of the space book club members helped us create. We had a very kind and exciting group of participants who leaned in and contributed meaningfully. We were so taken away by the passion and questions that the participants brought to this book club. Thank you, to those who continue to show up and take part in our little book club community.
What’s Next?
The Angeles Chapter Book Club will meet again on Wednesday, October 27th to discuss our next featured book The Water Knife. The Water Knife takes place in the future United States, where the southwestern states compete with each other for access to a reliable water supply during a period of extended and disastrous drought.  With natural resources dwindling, Arizona, Nevada, and California are locked in a fierce battle for what little relief the Colorado River can provide.
In this fast-paced sci-fi thriller set in the not-too-distant future, author Bacigalupi pushes us to consider how we engage with and should protect the resources that nourish us to ensure our survival amidst the climate crisis upon us. Through the quest for power that unravels as the story of The Water Knife, the author also creates a sharp dialogue about ethics, identity, allegiance, and what mankind will do when stretched to its limits. The story concludes with passion and suspense, you will find yourself thirsting for more.
We hope you can join us for the fourth book club of the year. This is a FREE event and everyone is welcomed and invited so feel free to share with family and friends! RSVP Today.
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