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  • Posted on 30 April 2021
  • By John Kaiser
The Mule Pack Section conducts base camp trips into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We hire packers to carry our camping gear to a selected base camp while we hike separately with only a day pack. You are able to enjoy the beauty of the Sierras without the burden of a heavy backpack. With the mules carrying your gear you can enjoy a greater variety of food for your meals. The section provides a tarp for shade and protection in case of rain. A roll-up table adds to comfort for the pot-luck happy hours and the section provides the wine. Leaders plan optional daily hikes to explore the surrounding area. The mules return at the end of the trip to carry gear back to the trailhead.
The trips typically are four to six days and start from the east side of the Sierras. Our camps usually are located in the beautiful sub-alpine zone of 9000 to 11000 foot elevation: lots of lakes, streams, and meadows surrounded by spectacular peaks. 
The pandemic cancelled our 2020 trips and prevented planning trips for 2021. But we hope to once again have trips in the summer of 2022; look for an announcement on our website in late November of this year. The site also provides helpful information about the nature of mule-pack trips.
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I’m very interested in learning more about trips that make use of the mule packs. Please add me to an email list for information if you have such a list. I’ve done 7 trips into the Sierra, half with the SC.

I want to go on a trip. What are open trip schedule?
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Check back at our schedule page for updates:

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