ExComm Officers Bulletin

  • Posted on 29 January 2021
  • By Angeles Chapter
As it does each year, the Executive Committee of the Angeles Chapter has named its officers for 2021. 
Electing Dennis Loya as Chair—Dennis’s immediate priorities are reopening outings safely, and growing membership. 
Electing Dyana Peña as Vice-Chair, with Marcia Hanscom appointed as Assistant Vice-Chair.
Electing Jason Islas as Secretary, with Lynne Plambeck appointed as Assistant Secretary.
Cherry Postic was re-elected as Treasurer. 
Dennis becomes the first Latino to hold the position of Chair in the Chapter’s 109-year history. Angeles is proud to see its leadership better reflect the local communities it works so hard to protect. The Chapter’s Executive Committee is democratically elected by the Chapter’s membership and serves the Chapter’s 140 thousand members and supporters.
Welcome our new officers in the comment section below!
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Welcome and thank you for your service and leadership. All my best - Penny Elia

Thank you and we are going to give our best to our membership.

I am so happy to see that Dennis Loya has accepted the Chairmanship role on the Angeles Chapter Excomm. His many positions over the years, as well as, his involvement as a WTC area Chairman and instructor, give him the perfect balance of experience and perspective to lead the Angeles Chapter. The Wilderness Travel Course organization as well as many years of students have benefited from his instruction and involvement. Personally, as a Fellow WTC instructor, I can say that Dennis has always been available to help solve problems with solutions that I never would have thought of. He saved several experience trips with his original ideas and willingness to help fo which I am very grateful.

I really appreciate your support and confidence in my abilities.

It is very heartening to see the new ExComm officers open the door to elevated leadership in local conservation. Congratulations to our new ExComm! The Diamond Bar - Pomona Valley SC Task Force is grateful for your service.

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