Four Members Elected to the Chapter Executive Committee

  • Posted on 30 November 2020
  • By Angeles Chapter
Four members-at-large have been chosen to represent the Angeles Chapter’s Executive Committee in Elections that ended November 9th, 2020. The Sierra Club, the Angeles Chapter, and the regional groups within it, are all democracies, whose highest decision making bodies are elected by the members. To be considered for a group or executive committee position, contact the relevant nominating committee chair well in advance of the next election to express your interest.
Newly elected members of the Executive Committee will take office in January at the first board meeting of the year. They will join at-large Bettie Pearson, Debbie Drezner, Dyana Peña, Juana Torres, and Liliana Griego, as well as delegates from each of the 14 regional groups, on the board.
(pictured left to right) Marcia Hanscom, Jason Islas, Dennis (Bear) Loya, Lynne Plambeck
All four members (pictured above left to right) Marcia Hanscom, Jason Islas, and Dennis (Bear) Loya have been re-elected. Lynne Plambeck has served previously and is now re-elected after a break. They have all been elected to two-year terms.
Elections were also conducted for the governance committees of the chapter’s 14 Regional Groups. The Elections Committee counted the ballots for all groups and informed the group chairs of the results.
Group Executive Committees:
Airport Marina Group: Mariam Faugno, Kathy Knight
Antelope Valley Group: Paula Hock, Harry Taylor
Central Group: Raj Patel, Julio Moreno, Jason Wise
Crescenta Valley Group: Silvia Darie, Fred Dong, Cathy Kissinger, Bettie Pearson, Jeff Wilson
Long Beach Group: Juan Ovalle Castillo, Gabrielle Weeks, Jerard Wright
Orange County Group: Sherri Sisson, Patti Barnes
Pasadena Group: Ginny Heringer, George Vine
Palos Verdes/South Bay Group: Dean Francois, Melanie Cohen, Bill Lavoie, Joyce White, Al Sattler
Rio Hondo Group: Gary Sjogren, Mike Bressler, Penny Fonches
Santa Clarita Group: Lynne Plambeck, Diane Trautman, Dave Morrow
San Fernando Valley Group: Chris Anstead, Joe Phillips, David Troy
Sierra Sage of Orange County Group: Mike Sappingfield, Ed Maurer, Sharon Koch, Patty Sappingfield
Verdugo Hills Group: Judy Anderson, Evelyn Alexander, Bruce Hale, David Eisenberg, Eugene Paulin
West Los Angeles Group: Meghan Sahli-Wells, Kathy Seal, Jason Islas, Paul Cooley
The Sierra Club is a democratically controlled organization and your vote matters. Elected volunteers represent your opinion when they hold office and often make difficult decisions—choosing priorities, allocating resources, and lobbying other entities—on your behalf. 
When members exercise their right to vote, it strengthens our organization and impacts our ability to meet the local mission of the Sierra Club related to our tenants to EXPLORE, ENJOY, and PROTECT the planet in addition to becoming a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive grassroots movement. Thank you to everyone who participated.
We look forward to welcoming our new leadership and were happy to see so many first-time write-ins for leadership positions. Hopefully, these write-ins will become dedicated volunteers.
The Chapter thanks all who ran to provide vital leadership for the Chapter. Big thanks, too, to Jay Schneider, chair of the Elections Committee, committee members Bill Joyce, Bill Simpson, Bettie Pearson, and Jeanette Vosburg,  plus ex-officio members  Chapter Senior Director Morgan Goodwin and past Elections Chair, Margee Hills for running the election.
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