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  • Posted on 9 July 2020
  • By Communications Committee
Photography plays a big part in our understanding and love of the natural world. Focal Points Magazine is the creative expression of this corollary. This digital magazine is created monthly from photography provided by members of the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter Camera Committee
Each issue includes stunning photographs from some of the most spectacular natural places on Earth. Readers will also find information regarding upcoming outings (some of which are not published elsewhere), notices of monthly programs, trip reports, member news, and general items of interest to photographers (tips and techniques, reviews of the greatest gear, and so much more!)
Flowers in a time of Quarantine, Velda Rudduck All Rights Reserved

The June Edition features breathtaking photos and commentary by Thomas Loucks of hiking  Colorado’s “Thirteeners” (mountains over 13,000’) as the cover story. In the member’s photo section, readers won’t want to miss Flowers in a Time of Quarantine. A series of mesmerizingly beautiful floral photos by Velda Rudduck that put Apple’s stock wallpapers to shame. 


There’s something especially appealing about the Black and White Pages section. A black and white photo can be subtle yet engaging, timeless. Removing any distraction of color can help the viewer focus on other details, such as the subject, textures, and composition. Here, readers will find beautiful mountain landscapes that appear to be frozen in time, as if clocks were turned back to the days of the great John Muir. 


Great Egret, Thomas Loucks All Rights ReservedEach edition ends with a photo of the month and a beautiful parting shot. Whether you’re a lifelong photographer or just starting out, you’ll love all that Focal Points has to offer. The publication is free for the asking…just contact John Nilsson at and ask to be placed on the mailing list. 

Emerald Peak, Thomas Loucks All Rights Reserved
If you’re a photographer interested in contributing to the publication, consider joining the Angeles Chapter Camera Committee as a member for only $15.00 per year.  Instructions on how to join are in Focal Points! 
Members support the Club’s conservation goals through the medium of photography; assist in improving photographic skills through lecture, demonstration, discussion, and participation; provide members with opportunities to show their photographic work, and promote the Sierra Club and its projects with public displays.   
In addition to regular outings, the group meets on the 2nd Thursday of every even month. Meetings feature presentations by guest photographers discussing their work and are free and open to the public. 

[Header photo: Focal Points Mag Cover June 2020; John Nilsson all rights reserved]

[Photo 1: Flowers in a time of Quarantine; Velda Rudduck all rights reserved]

[Photo 2: Great Egret; Thomas Loucks all rights reserved]

[Photo 3: Emerald Peak; Thomas Loucks all rights reserved]

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