Focal Points Magazine -- July Issue 2020

  • Posted on 23 July 2020
  • By Jonathan Howard
Calling all shutterbugs! If you have not already, make sure to check out the July ‘20 Issue of Focal Points Magazine -- Premium photography of our natural world presented by the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club Camera Committee.
Each issue includes stunning photographs from some of the most spectacular natural places in the world. Readers will also find information regarding upcoming outings (some of which are not published elsewhere), notices of monthly programs, trip reports, member news, and general items of interest to photographers (tips and techniques, reviews of the greatest gear, and so much more!) 
Jaguar peeking through wetlandsThe July Edition features awe-inspiring photos of The Pantanal in Western Brazil as the cover story. A refuge for iconic wildlife, it’s the largest and most pristine tropical wetland in the world home to the majestic jaguar, the largest concentration of caiman in the world, and the biggest parrot on the planet, the Hyacinth Macaw -- all captured in their natural habitat through the aperture of the Camera Committee’s Phil Witt.
Lightning strike illuminates storm purple skyIt takes skill and meticulous planning to photograph something as fleeting as a lightning strike. To catch these elusive bolts you’ll need a tripod, a DSLR capable of shooting longer exposures, a lightning trigger, and most importantly, rain protection to keep your camera dry. John Clement’s Super Storm Series in the member’s photo section walks you through these steps and discusses the hardware he uses to get these amazing shots.
As always, the magazine ends with a photo of the month and the parting shot. This month’s photo of the month by Beverly Houwing is a charming snap of a Keel-bill Toucan taken in Boca Tapada in Northern Costa Rica near the border with Nicaragua. Members are encouraged to vote for their favorite photo each month -- instructions are in Focal Points.
Whether your shooting for NatGeo or still figuring out how to get your iPhone to focus in portrait mode, you’ll love all that Focal Points has to offer. The publication is free for the asking… just contact John Nilsson at and ask to be placed on the mailing list. Keel-billed Toucan on log
If you’re a photographer interested in contributing to the publication, consider joining the Angeles Chapter Camera Committee as a member for only $15.00 per year. Instructions on how to join are in Focal Points! 
Members support the Club’s conservation goals through the medium of photography; assist in improving photographic skills through lecture, demonstration, discussion, and participation; provide members with opportunities to show their photographic work, and promote the Sierra Club and its projects with public displays.   
In addition to regular outings, the group meets on the 2nd Thursday of every even month. Meetings feature presentations by guest photographers discussing their work and are free and open to the public.

[Header photo: Focal Points Mag Cover July 2020; John Nilsson all rights reserved]

[Photo 1: Majestic Jaguar; Phil Witt all rights reserved]

[Photo 2: Lightning Strike; John Clement all rights reserved]

[Photo 3: Keel-Bill Toucan; Beverly Houwing all rights reserved]

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