Mountain Lions Forever!!

  • Posted on 25 February 2020
  • By Jim Hines
National Park Service photo of Mountain Lion P-56
Mountain Lion P-56
Photo Credit: National Park Service

By now I am sure that most of you have heard about the state of California-approved killing of a mountain lion (P-56) in the Santa Monica Mtns. outside Camarillo, CA.


While we are saddened and angry about this tragic incident, our commitment to protecting mountain lions will move forward in the memory of P-56.


One of my Sierra Club campaigns which I launched late last year is Mountain Lions FOREVER!--a Sierra Club campaign to protect the largest wild cats in California. Voice your opinion here: California Fish & Game Commission


Our immediate top priority is getting the CA Fish ad Game Commission to designate mountain lions as endangered in the central coast region of CA, which includes lands in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles (including Santa Monica Mtns), and Orange counties. This is a joint effort of the Sierra Club, CBD (Center for Biological Diversity), and the Mountain Lion Foundation


Our first stop on our journey is before the commission on February 21st in Sacramento, but our really big day will be back before the Commission again on April 15th in Sacramento, when the Commission will officially adopt the maps for critical habitat lands for lions to be protected in the five-county region. Maps are being prepared by the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.


In memory of P-56.


Jim Hines

Team Leader. Sierra Club Mountain Lions FOREVER Campaign.

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Love these big cats! Let’s do all we can to protect them.

Mountain Lions Forever.

Thank you for this wonderful initiative. The three strikes rule no longer makes sense with such a small population. Hoping that public pressure will lead CA Fish and Game and the legislature to agree and protect these beautiful animals.

How can I help in some way. I've read so many books on past dealings with "unwanted " wild animals. What can the average person do to help?

Why was it approved and why was there no other answer to the problem? There is no transparency about this and we should have an answer as to why it was approved. Human animals are the most dangerous and destructive animals on this planet. In the large ecosystem, every link is a vital element to the survival of life on this planet, with one exception: The Human animal which even though not necessary, it is the most dangerous and destructive animal on this planet. We should stop reproducing mindlessly and reduce population growth.

If the Mtn Lions survive and thrive, we survive and thrive. If they don’t, guess what, we don’t either!!! We’re all profoundly connected to the web of life on our planet!

Please protect them .!! We’ve encroached I’m their territory.!!

Please do everything that you can to protect these beautiful animals They have a right to live and be free of harm to raise their families and happiness and peace. Please protect these beautiful creatures. All wild life is sacred

Respect, decency and compassion are just a few qualities that set California apart from other states. We are the moral compass that guides this country.

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