Volunteer Spotlight: Rachel Glegg

  • Posted on 22 November 2019
  • By Krystal Ruiz

Rachel Glegg is a team member of the Sierra Club’s Leaders and Volunteers and a true breath of fresh air in  our Los Angeles smog. Rachel moved to California from England in 2013 where she quickly fell in love with the Santa Monica Mountains.
Growing up in the UK, Rachel spent her time hiking and enjoying the outdoors, so not much time went by before she hit the trails in Los Angeles. Since she was new to the area, Rachel wanted to try new things and meet new people so she began hiking with groups. Although it was difficult for her to adjust to all the hiking, she was too in love with it to stop and often encourages newbies to jump in and give it a go!
After a few months in L.A., Rachel found herself on a hik with friends in the Santa Monica Mountains and crossed paths with WTC instructor, Gillian Bailey. She mentioned Sierra Club and the opportunities available with the WTC, leading Rachel to take on a backpacking trip with Gillian a few months later. Inspired by the skill and determination, Rachel joined WTC and became an instructor in 2016.
As an instructor, Rachel leads cross-country backpacking trips in the Eastern Sierras and works with the Santa Monica task force. She began volunteering as a trail crew member on the task force and now leads a crew today. In addition to her trail work and backpacking guiding, Rachel also leads a series of day hikes in her favorite place: the Santa Monica Mountains.
When we asked Rachel what her most memorable outing was, but she had a difficult time choosing just one. Of all her outings, her most favorite is the annual Santa Monica Trail Days trip. The trail crew and volunteers spend a weekend at Point Mugu participating in trail work and celebrating hiking trails in the Santa Monica Mountains. “It’s free for families, there’s great food, prizes, special guests. I really, really look forward to it every year,” said Rachel.
When asked how the Sierra Club has impacted her life, she responded, “It’s given me community in my new home. I’ve formed a lot of meaningful friendships with like-minded people. I’m not just a participant anymore, I’m leading them and I am involved in a couple of different areas. It’s given me a sense of purpose and hope for the future. The impact I have made is small, but it’s important. Our strength is in our numbers.”

Rachel is currently involved with the Santa Monica Task Force helping to protect the coastal mountain range and promote an understanding of its natural value. Although she is not an aggressive activist, she works hard to reach the community and support the mission of the task force. 

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