The California Deal: Making it Stronger and Greener for Everyone

  • Posted on 24 September 2019
  • By Mary Ann Ruiz
Over more than two decades, Sierra Club California and our allies have been pushing state agencies and the legislature to accelerate adoption of zero-emission vehicles.
We’ve seen progress. There are nearly 50 models of zero-emission light-duty vehicles in the California market, and more are expected. The driving range on a charge for some models is as long as with many gasoline vehicles. 
And the technology is no longer restricted to light-duty vehicles. A robust market for electric transit buses is blossoming here, and medium- and heavy-duty trucks are now commercially available in electric models.
Are all of those new vehicles leading to the clean air goals we’ve set as fast as we need those goals to be met? Are new, family-supporting jobs coming along with these new vehicle types and technologies? How can we do better in California?
A panel of experts from environmental, environmental justice and labor organizations will consider these and other questions during a session about transportation and the California deal at Sierra Club California’s one-day Summit in Pasadena on October 26.
The Sierra Club California Summit is a new format and new venue for our annual meeting. We’ll be addressing a specific theme, the California Deal and how we can improve it. Panelists and audience members will have opportunities to share ideas about transportation, water policy and the California Deal generally. 
Join us to learn about ways you can help push the California Deal to be bigger, bolder and better. Tickets to attend the summit are just $20 in advance and the fee covers lunch and a
reception. You must register in advance to attend. Reserve your space now because seating is limited.

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