Elections Deadline Extended to December 6th - Vote in 2019 Sierra Club Angeles Chapter Elections

  • Posted on 30 September 2019
  • By Chapter Elections Committee


The annual Angeles Chapter elections begin Monday, October 7, and end Friday, December 6. Active members will be voting for: 
  • At-large Positions on the Angeles Chapter Executive Committee,
  • Members of the Executive / Management Committee for their Regional Group in the Chapter.
Ballots:  There are three ways to access the ballot needed for you to vote:
  1. All members who voted by Paper Ballot last year will automatically receive a Paper Ballot in the mail.
  2. Members who receive email from the Sierra Club will receive a Chapter Election email message containing a link to an online Ballot designed for your Regional Group by Oct. 7th.
  3. Members who only receive postal mail from the Sierra Club can access ballot and voting information by using the instructions included on the last page of the SoCal Now newsletter mailed to their homes. That voting information will include voter IDs for all voting members living at that mailing address.
If you have not been notified by email or the SoCal Now newsletter by Oct. 7, you may request Online Ballots or Paper Ballots along with candidate statements for your household by contacting Chapter Director, George Watland, by phone at 213-514-5804, by email at george.watland@sierraclub.org or by mailing your request to:
Paper Ballot
Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
3250 Wilshire Blvd. #1106
Los Angeles, CA  90010
For ballot requests, please include your Sierra Club member ID (7 or 8 digit number) if you have it, the names of voting members in your household, your mailing address for a Paper Ballot, and your email address for an Online Ballot. Please allow 5-7 business days to receive Paper Ballots.
Voting Deadline is Dec. 6. 
  • Paper Ballots must be delivered to the Chapter office before it closes at 5:00 pm on Dec. 6, 2019. 
  • Online Ballots must be submitted by 12:00 midnight the evening of Dec. 6, 2019.  
Executive Committee Candidates
Bettie Pearson
Eduardo Cisneros
Juana Torres
Debbie Drezner
Liliana Griego
Joy Cernac
Airport Marina Group Candidates
Joe Young
Jeanette Vosburg
Patricia McPherson
Judy Davies
Antelope Valley Group Candidates
Louise Foss
Nathan Krumm
Central Group Candidates 
Barbara Hensleigh
Betzabel Estudillo
Crescenta Valley Group Candidates
Fred Dong
Karen Buehler 
Silvia Darie
Bettie Pearson
Jeff Wilson
Cathy Kissinger
Long Beach Group Candidates
Jaime Guoz
Orange County Group Candidates
Gideon Strich 
Bernie Lipman
Dennis Loya
Palos Verdes / South Bay Group Candidates
Marcia Cook
Judy Herman
Dave Wiggins
Steve Dillow
Frank Atkin
Zoltan Stroll
Pasadena Group Candidates
Russel Babbitz
Dr. Ronda Rodgers
Pat Zeider
Pat Pipkin
Rio Hondo Group Candidates
Margee Hills
David Warren
San Fernando Valley Group Candidates
Julie Szende
Barry Katzen
Belen Katzen
Jan Kidwell
Terrie Brady
Santa Clarita Group Candidates
Sandra Cattel 
Ray Lorne
Ken Kerner
Roger Haring
Stacy Fortner
Sierra Sage Group of So. Orange County Candidates
Duana Miller
Helen Mauer
Linda Ledger
Vicky Hazley
Risa Koppel
Tina Bach
Verdugo Hills Group Candidates
Michael Beck
Carol Henning
Charlotte Feitshans
Annette Kargodorian
West Los Angeles Group Candidates
Brian Frange 
John Nilsson
David Haake
Paul Cooley 
Andrea Ehrgott
Carmille Lim
Arthur Antolick


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