Los Angeles County Passes Sustainability Plan

  • Posted on 27 August 2019
  • By Helen Graham
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Los Angeles County’s recently-passed Sustainability Plan includes twelve goals that the county has set to meet. They acknowledge that many of the goals intersect one another as many environmental issues are inextricably connected. The steps outlined in the plan cover topics including the disproportionate effect that issues like pollution have on low-income communities, and outlines information surrounding their plan to include affordable housing and access to safe, clean water. 
Also discussed are climate resilience issues in the construction of new buildings. This includes the creation of public green spaces with inclusive design and programming to allow access to a more diverse audience and encouraging cultural activities, ensuring access to dependable water, convenient, safe, clean, and affordable transportation, walkable and mixed-use spaces, barring construction of new facilities in high climate-hazard areas, and the protection of disinvested communities from displacement. The plan hopes to support the transition to a green economy by increasing wealth in disempowered communities through support for residents and businesses. 
They express their interest in protecting waterways and quality habitats to encourage thriving ecosystems and biodiversity. Delineated is the hope to move away from fossil fuels in LA County and to ensure sustainable and just consumption of resources like food. Finally, the plan details the efforts that will be taken to allow “inclusive, transparent, and accountable governance that encourages participation in sustainability efforts, especially by disempowered communities.”
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