The Very Heart of the Angeles Sierra Club is its Members and Volunteers

  • Posted on 5 July 2019
  • By Magda Mendez


Photo by: Bob Crates 


I was inspired to write this post after, as every morning, we received our mail. Today's included more than the typical letters, standing out from the bundle there was a little package with a Chicago return address. Inside it, we found headlamp with a yellow piece of paper that read the following: 


My name is Sarah, and I am a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hiker. On June, 28th, my friend and I stayed at little Jimmy Campground. We ran into 2 ladies who were part of your Chapter. One was being evaluated for guiding, I believe. Both were very kind and shared some delicious snacks with us. Shortly after they left, we found this headlamp. I ran after them for some time but would not catch them. Attempting to return it now. Wish we'd caught their names, but we didn't. Thanks!


The note made me think about the thousands of members and leaders that hike across our beautiful region, from the Santa Monica Mountains to the San Gabriel Mountains and beyond representing the Angeles Chapter. Every hike is a self-contained story, and as the Sierra Club Chapter with the biggest "Outings Program” in the country, a lot of the times we don't get to hear about them. We miss the opportunity to learn about the connections, the fun experiences and exciting tales that are worth telling. This story is proof of how a simple gesture can unravel not only a nice little story for them to remember, but a series of little events that turned into a quest to find the owner and mostly to tell the lovely story. 


Thank you Sarah, for reminding us that the very heart of the Angeles Sierra Club is its members and volunteers. I believe that there must be a host of people who have gone through their own joyful encounters with Sierra Clubers. If you are one and have a story to share, please send it our way!


PS: If you are or know either of these two ladies - I have your headlamp! 

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