Magda Mendez, New Chapter Communications Coordinator

  • Posted on 9 April 2019
  • By George Watland, Sr. Chapter Director

The Sierra Club Angeles Chapter welcomes Magda Mendez as the new Communications Coordinator on staff at the Chapter Office. She started Monday, April 22, 2019. She will be focusing on communications and marketing efforts, as well as media relations to help increase the capacity of the Chapter.
Magda was formerly the Communications Coordinator at the Sierra Club Oregon Chapter in Portland, OR, from Sept. 2016 through Nov. 2017 before relocating to Los Angeles for her husband's job as an architect. Originally from Mexico City and having lived abroad for 6 years, she is fully fluent in English and Spanish. Her experience includes event planning, outreach, project management, public relations, marketing and communications. 
She received a bachelor's degree in Marketing and a Diploma in Public Relations from The Center of Studies in Communication Science in Mexico City and a master's degree in Environmental Studies, specializing in Communications from The University of Melbourne in Australia. During her time at the University of Melbourne, she was involved with an initiative called Ecopreneurs. Ecopreneurs are environmentally and socially minded individuals that seek to create change through collaboration, innovation and social enterprise. In May 2014, Ecopreneurs hosted C14Hack, a green innovation forum where students worked creatively to solve current environmental and social problems on campus, with the vision of expanding beyond the University. Magda utilized her skills as a Project Manager for this initiative. Based on results, In May 2015, she hosted C15HACK achieving to double the number of participants to continue disseminating sustainable practices on campus.
She also had the opportunity to undertake an internship at the United Nations Environmental Programme in New York. As part of this internship she assisted in the organization and reporting of the 69th Session of the General Assembly and the Climate Summit. Previous to her postgraduate studies she worked in marketing, brand consulting and public relations in Mexico City. Magda is passionate about producing positive outcomes and incorporating different opinions in collaborative work environments, always striving for effective change in people’s lives and the world.  
Contact information for Magda is now avaliable on the Chapter Staff webpage at:
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