Sierra Club Pasadena Joins the 41st Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade

  • Posted on 27 November 2018
  • By Bill Joyce
Photo credit: Carole Scurlock

"The 41st occasional Pasadena Doo Dah parade hit the streets of Pasadena just in time for Thanksgiving. The Pasadena Group of the Sierra Club, having received a Royal DooCree from “classy but sassy” doo dah parade Queen Jennipha, determined to march as tree huggers. They were much occupied dodging arch villain Don Bremner (who wielded a cardboard ax), as well as countless tortillas, flung by unruly bystanders and aimed at the brave parade marchers. With true doo dah spirit, all agreed the parade was quite pointless, but it was a good time nevertheless."

More Doo Dah Parade photos by Carole Scurlock are found on Flickr

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