Sierra Club board resolution on situation in Ferguson, MO

  • Posted on 5 September 2014
  • By From national Sierra Club reports

The Sierra Club Board of Directors recently passed the following resolution about the tragedy in Ferguson, Mo.

Here is the text of the resolution the Board passed on Aug 21, 2014:

Across the nation, Sierra Club staff and volunteers exercise their first amendment right to peacefully assemble and speak out to protect our air, water, land, and climate. Our work is successful when our supporters, members and partners have full access to our nation’s democracy and all lawful means to protect our environment.

Like the rest of the nation, we have watched the tragedy unfold in Ferguson, Missouri, and we feel moved to join the growing chorus speaking out against injustice and racial profiling. All Americans, including the Sierra Club’s 2.4 million members and supporters deserve the right to access all lawful means of peaceful assembly without fear.

We welcome your thoughts and comments about Ferguson below.


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Comments Cities in California, Texas and Florida received more military surplus armored vehicles, helicopters and military grade weapons of all types from the Defense Department. Military grade responses to peaceful assemblies in Ferguson, MO, or Davis, CA or any US city are irrational provocations to violence against aggrieved communities. Ask your city officials what they plan to do with their military grade equipment - would they respond like the police in Ferguson?

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