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  • Posted on 30 September 2004
  • By The Editor

ExComm Meeting

The Angeles Chapter Executive Committee will meet Sunday, Oct. 24, 1pm, in the Chapter office conference room.

Weekend Parking Corrected

Parking inside the Equitable Plaza Building on weekends and holidays is restricted to holders of keycards. If you come regularly for Saturday or Sunday Sierra Club meetings, you may arrange for a card with Bonnie Sharpe. Street parking is available. Observe time restrictions.

Thanks, Diane

Chapter staff members express appreciation to Diane Shue, who recently retired as Monday front desk volunteer. Diane started the job in January 2003 and took on extra assignments from the conservation coordinators and the Southern Sierran editor.

Sierra Club Calendars

Order early for your own use or for employees, co-workers, family and friends. Two styles, wall and desk, are offered at a discount from list price by Angeles Chapter office. Call 213-387-4287.

Schedule No. 297!

The November issue of the Angeles Chapter Schedule of Activities was mailed via bulk mail at the end of September. If you don't receive it by the end of October, call the Chapter office, ext. 200, for a replacement. Leave your name (spell, please), member number and complete address in your message.

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