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Welcome to the Southern Sierran, published by the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club, serving Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

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April, 2012

  • The Chapter’s South Bay Open Space Task Force wants to see three steps taken to protect homes adjacent to the Palos Verdes Landfill. So far, regulatory agencies have been unresponsive to the task force’s concerns, and the task force would like your help to reach out to decision-makers.

  • One key tool every good activist Landfill’s toxic past concerns residents needs to use: the law. If you don’t know how to use it, here’s an opportunity to learn from the pros.

  • There’s another national parkland plan for a mountain corridor surrounding the San Fernando, La Crescenta, Santa Clarita, Simi, and Conejo valleys. The study of the Rim of the Valley Corridor, as its known, started in 2010 and will have the final report to Congress in 2014.

  • The Angeles Chapter’s Water Committee urges L.A. officials to adopt a drought-tolerant agenda in its new landscaping effort.

  • The Sierra Club regularly participates in trail repair and removing non-native plants in Southern California forests and mountain areas. But an issue arose last fall over the Angeles National Forest’s restoration plans after the devastating Station Fire of 2009: Do we need to plant trees? And, if so, what kind?

  • We’re adding something new to the hikes this year that gives all hikers a chance to help keep the Angeles Chapter’s outdoors program vibrant and to protect the places where we like to hike. Every year, Chapter volunteers lead thousands of free, day hikes and walks, open to Sierra Club members and non-members alike.

  • Incentive programs are one way to change the way people think about how they use energy. Energy Upgrade California aims to do just that: reward homeowners with rebates for taking a holistic approach to their home energy use.

  • Sierra Club President Robin Mann will be the keynote speaker at the Angeles Chapter’s Annual Awards Banquet on May 6. The event recognizes the outstanding efforts of volunteers and staff members who have shown extreme dedication and commitment to the Chapter and its important mission.

  • Have you ever had to turn away millions of dollars?

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