Conservation Committee

The Angeles Chaper CONSERVATION COMMITTEE coordinates action on conservation issues for the Angeles Chapter.  It recommends positions on pending conservation issues to the Chapter Executive Committee (ExComm) and provides a forum for members to discuss conservation issues.
Meetings: 3rd Wed monthly, 7:15 pm, Chapter HQ. Contact Chair by the end of previous month for place on agenda.
Email Forum: The Angeles Chapter has established this discussion list for Sierra Club activists working on conservation issues in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. To subscribe, email listserv@lists.sierraclub.org. In the body of the message (not header) write: subscribe angeles-conservation
2015 Co-Chairs - Darrell Clarke & Charming Evelyn
         Vice Chair - Al Sattler 
Staff Support:
Angélica González, Conservation Program Manager
George Watland, Chapter Sr. Director


Provides a forum to discuss Orange County conservation topics. Supervises 11 ongoing Conservation Projects.
Meetings: Meets quarterly. Contact chair for details.
Ray Hiemstra, Chair
Website: angeles.sierraclub.org/ocosc


Provides computer-based mapping and spatial-analysis services for Chapter conservation and outings entities.  Services include producing green maps and vision maps showing conservation goals for an area, land-use maps showing the current state of a locale, or maps illustrating conservation issues such as wildlife habitat, hydrology, pollution, transportation, etc. The committee makes use of ESRI ArcGIS software it acquired in a grant from the manufacturer.
Meetings: 7:30 pm 2nd Tue of Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct at the Chapter office.
Lore Pekrul, Chair

Chapter-Wide Conservation Issue Subcommittees


To reduce global warming and improve healt, we educate the community and public leaders and advocate for lower greeenhouse gas emissions, clean energy technology, stringent regulation of polluters, improved air quality, and environmental justice.
Meetings:  Monthly on Second Sunday, 3-5pm, REI Tustin at I-5/Jamboree
Suvan Geer, Co-Ch
Steve Wicke, Co-Ch


The Committee works to educate members and develop activists on international trade, population, and human rights issues.
Meetings: Quarterly. Contact Chair for time and location
Joan Licari, Chair
Joan Holtz, Delphine Trowbridge


The purpose of the Forest Committee is to preserve and restore our forests and to expand the wilderness areas that protect them. Key issues range from improving the management of our local National Forests, the Angeles and the Cleveland, as well as in the Sierra Nevada, particularly the Giant Sequoia National Monument, and supporting Roadless Area designations nationally. We conduct outreach to the public through programs and speakers, and to participants in Sierra Club outings in sensitive forest areas.
Meetings: 4th Wed, odd months except Nov, 7:30pm at Eaton Canyon Nature Center, 1750 N Altadena Dr, Pasadena.
Southern CA Forest Campaign Website: sierraclub.org/ca/socalforests
Don Bremner, Co-Chair
John Monsen, Co-Chair
Bob Cates, San Gabriels Trail Crew Coordinator
San Gabriels Trail Crew: Kate Allen, Steve Anderson, Tina Bowman, Don Bremner,
Winnette   Butler,   Allison   Allport  &   Erik  Counseller,  Jim   Crook,   Jim   Fleming,
Dana & John Hunter, Bill Jackson, Cathy  Kissinger, Nathan  Krumm, Mei  Kwan, Sharon  Moore,
Victoria Overbey, Ron  Schrantz, Kent  Schwitkis, Bob Thompson, John  Yard


Meetings: 7 pm 4th Wed of each month at the Chapter Office.
Lore  Pekrul, Chair
Jennifer Griffith, Belle Richmond, Jonathan Robinson, Jim Stewart


This task force is organized to ensure safe operations of the San Onofre nuclear power plant and to make sure its federal license to continue operating isn’t renewed. .
Meetings: Monthly. Contact Chair for time and location
Glenn Pascall, Chair


This task force is organizing to educate and activate the public to help save the remaining critical open space in the Puente-Chino Hills, a world-class natural resource of oak and walnut woodlands.
Meetings: Quarterly. Contact Chair for time and location
Eric  Johnson, Chair
Mike Popovec, Vice Chair-Area
Jeff  Yann, Vice Chair
Mike Hughes, Vice Chair-West
Fred Reed, Out
Karen Popovec, Sec


Promotes solutions to oil dependence in Los Angeles and Orange Counties— supporting the Sierra Club's national campaign—especially expanding public transit; planning for livable, walkable, bikeable communities; and electrifying transportation.
Meetings: 7 pm 1st Thu of each month in the Chapter Office
Jerard Wright, Co-Ch
Darrell Clarke, Co-Ch
Michael Milroy, Vice Chair


Addresses water issues that impact the Los Angeles and Orange Counties with focus on water supply, conservation, and beneficial uses for conserved water. Includes an education component to provide presentations and materials to residents about conservation, water supply and water quality issues.
Meetings:  4th Monday, 7:00 pm, every month
Charming Evelyn, Chair


Will work to promote recycling, reduce packaging, and encourage reuse with the ultimate goal of leaving less waste to be disposed of in landfills.
Meetings: 7 pm 4th Tue of every Month
2015 Chair pending

Los Angeles County Conservation Campaigns, Task Forces


Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month in Venice. Contact Ch.
Marcia Hanscom, Chair
Steve  Freedman, Treas
Susan Suntree


Develops the Sierra Club vision for the future of Griffith Park and works to cause this vision to be adopted as public policy. Works to preserve the urban wilderness identity of Griffith Park, to restore its natural resources, and to enhance the park's natural qualities. Works with other organizations to form a strong union to educate and mobilize the public in an effort to influence political opinion and public policy to preserve this priceless resource. The Task Force supports the continuing public process and encourages democratic citizen participation in planning for Griffith Park.
Meetings: Quarterly. Contact Chair for time and location
Carol Henning, Co-Ch
Joe Young, Co-Ch


The San Gabriel Valley Task Force is composed of representatives from the Pasadena, Rio Hondo, and Long Beach Groups and any other interested Sierra Club members.

The San Gabriel Valley Task Force works to address regional conservation issues in the San Gabriel Valley, including open space and habitat preservation, water supply and quality, toxic waste disposal, local landfills, air quality, transportation, and the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel River watersheds.

To be involved:
Contact: Joan Licari at 626-330-4220 or jlicari2013@gmail.com   

Meetings: As needed.   Contact Joan Licari (above) for time and location.



An activist committee encouraging protection of the Santa Monica Mountains while promoting the understanding and awareness of their natural values. The goals encompass maintaining open space and acquiring additional parkland.  To achieve these goals, members participate in monthly meetings which recommend the Sierra Club policy on the Santa Monica Mountains, lead outings to acquaint leaders and the public with the Santa Monica Mountains and build, maintain trails under the direction of the Trails Ch (see Sat Oct-Jun).
Meetings: 2nd Mon monthly (except August), 7:30 pm, alternating between the S and N side of the Santa Monica Mountains. See Schedule for meetings location (address & phones in back of Schedule). Agenda and conservation information are outlined in the monthly newsletter.
Newsletter: The SMMTF Newsletter details current conservation issues, problems, and projects which affect the integrity of the mountains.
Mary Ann Webster, Ch
Bill Vanderberg,  VCh
Cathy Froloff, Out
Ernie Scheuer, Safety
Ron Webster, Traiis
Jane Lewis, Mem, News
Dave Brown, Cons
Daphne Sturrock,  Fund, , Treas


Dedicated to preserving and restoring the last remaining open space in Montebello, currently being used for oil production.
Motto: Save Our Montebello Hills
Meetings: Every first & third Wed of each month at 6:30 pm in back dining room at Coco's Bakery Restaurant, 2501 Via Campo, Montebello (across from the 60 Fwy in the Montebello Plaza Center with Office Depot, CVS, and Albertsons.
Linda Strong, Chair
Margot Eiser, Jim Flournoy, Michael Popoff, Jeff Yann

Orange County Conservation Campaigns, Task Forces


The purpose of this task force is the preservation as open space of the property formerly known as "Banning Ranch."
Meetings: Task force meets on the 3rd Wed each month, 7:15 pm. Contact Terry Welsh for location.
Terry Welsh, Chair  
Everette Phillips, Paul Arms


Purpose: To preserve the last contiguous open space in S Orange County between Trestles Beach and Saddleback Pk.The area is a recognized biodiversity hotspot supporting the last best representation of a unique irreplaceable coastal ecosystem. Our immediate goals are to save the ranchland from development and stop the toll road from passing through it. Members attend and voice opinions at public hearings, write letters to the media, lead outings in the area, and sponsor local events to educate and seek support from the local community.
Meetings: Steering Comm 3rd Wed even months. Planning meeting quarterly. 
Bill Holmes, Chair
Julia Dewees, News
David Perlman, Cons
John & Kelly Achee
Marni Magda, Land Use


Protect and preserve all unprotected acreage and waterways in and around Hobo and Aliso Canyons as well as Hobo Aliso Ridge in South Laguna. These lands are connected to two wilderness parks: Laguna Coast Wilderness Park (6600 acres) and the Aliso Wood Canyons Wilderness Park (4200 acres). Much of this acreage has been and is currently being eyed for development of estates, timeshares, a golf resort and golf resort amenities. Task Force efforts include restoration of a significant portion of acreage under the jurisdiction of the California Coastal Commission as well as upholding and supporting the jurisdiction of the Coastal Commission on lands deemed areas of deferred certification. In addition, the Task Force is involved in restoration efforts for Aliso Creek, a 303(d) pollutant impaired body of water that flows through Aliso Canyon and into the receiving waters of the Pacific Ocean.
Meetings: Notices via email to all interested parties. Contact Ch.
Penny Elia , Chair
Dan Elia, Vice Chair
Sharon Larimer, Sec.
Jeanie Bernstein, Betsy Bredau, Terry Sehi

Inter-Chapter Conservation Committees


Works for the protection, preservation, and conservation of the CA, NV desert; supports the same objectives in all desert areas of the Southwest; monitors and works with governments and agencies to promote preservation of our arid lands; sponsors educational and work trips; encourages and supports others to work for the same objectives; maintains, shares and publishes information about the desert.
Website: desertreport.org
Terry Frewin, , Chair
Joan Taylor, Vice Chair
David Underwood, Web
Kate Allen, Out, Data


An activist committee that works to protect the Santa Ana Mountains for current and future users. The SAMTF has five separate projects at present:
  • Support the CA Wild Heritage Campaign and the creation of new Wilderness in the Trabuco District
  • Block construction of a trans Santa Ana Mountain Highway
  • Participate in the Forest Plan Update (FPU) Conservation Alternative
  • Prevent a hydro-electric scheme and transmission line in the District
  • Continue trail maintenance program
The Task Force has an active hiking and trail maintenance program.
Website: angeles.sierraclub.org, sam
Motto: Keep Our Santa Ana Mountains WILD.
Meetings: The SAMFT Steering Committee meets regularly in each even month on the 3rd Sun from 3-5 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Mission Viejo. Any SAMTF member welcome.  
Gene Frick, Co-Ch (SG Chap)
John Kaiser, Out, Trails
Bob Hansen, Web
Jay Matchett
Bob  Fraser

[Antelope Valley Wildflowers: Header photo by Wallis Bland]