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To explore,enjoy and protect the wild places.
*To practice and promote responsible use of the Earth's ecosystem and resources.
*To educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment.
*And to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives

Monthly Meetings-the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm

Reseda Park Rec. Hall, 18411 Victory Blvd. (Cross Street-Reseda Blvd near child's play area.) There are parking lots & street parking. If the Rec Hall parking lot is full, there is ample parking at the One Generation lot, directly east at 18255 Victory Boulevard.

For more information look at the sidebar on this page and, also, call/email Joe Phillips (818) 348-8884, recreationbyjoe@yahoo.com



Sierra Club San Fernando Valley

Monthly Program




southwest desert  photos by Gayle Dufour

Tues., SEPTEMBER 15, 2015, 7:00pm

Sierra Club San Fernando Valley program is:

A Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan 


Reseda Park Rec. Hall 18411 Victory Bl

(see directions at the top of the screen)   

Monthly meeting:  Lloyd Gunn, a member of the Sierra Club Desert Committee, will present "A Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan".     The California Deserts represent one of the last intact ecosystems on earth.  They are now being threatened by large green energy generating plants, including both solar and wind. 

We obviously need much more green energy to save life on our planet as we know it but we don't need to destroy a rare and important micro environment to do so.  Renewable energy is in itself good but it belongs in the city on local roof tops and parking lots.  To better understand this issue come and hear Mr. Gunn as well as a presentation through DVD by Dr. Jim Andre a Botanist from the University of California.

There will Q & As, socializing & refreshments.



October Program

NO to Hidden Creek Estates!

Mormon Canyon creek.  These creek areas help to supply local water for the Los Angeles area.  We should not have it polluted with a 188 home housing project!!

photo by Terrie Brady, Sierra Club SFV Conservation Chair


Tues., October 20, 2015, 7:00pm

Sierra Club San Fernando Valley program is:

Proposed Hidden Creek Estates

Disastrous Development

For Trees, Water Supply, Animals

& the SF Valley


Find out what can be done!

Monthly meeting:   Paul Edelman, Deputy Director of Natural Resources and Planning of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy will speak on what can be done to save this wonderful placeHe will show beautiful pictures of the special terrain.

        It is planned as a gated-project that is now zoned for 33 homes by L.A. County.  A Texas housing developer wants to build this project above Porter Ranch in the Santa Susana Mountains.  He is asking favors of L.A. City, such as to be annexed to L.A. City and get a zoning change to 188 homes.  

       They plan to extend  four-lane Mason Avenue three-quarters of a mile through a mountainside.

       They are planning to build on the site of an ancient landslide area, which is situated between two creeks, Browns Canyon Creek and Mormon Canyon Creek.  This project would probably degrade our local water supply as L.A. City gets a majority of our local water from aquifers in the San Fernando Valley.  The local water comes from creeks that flow into our aquifers.  If the people in the housing project use pesticides and other toxics, the run-off might affect the water flowing down the creeks. 

      Another favor asked from L.A. City is that they want to do grading for the project on park land that belongs to the public, especially inside Mormon Creek.  Per the L.A. Times, they want to sell houses in this gated-community for between $850,000 to $1.5 million dollars but this luxury housing is not needed. Being gated, this land could not be accessed by most people or wild animals for any reason.  They will be removing around 400 trees and, therefore, ruining habitat for the animals who live there. There will be Q & As, socializing and refreshments


Other Canyon Views of how beautiful the Hidden Creek area is in spring.

The developer's plan is to cut down 400 trees. 

How can we let them do this?

Hidden Creek area has many personalities.  In the spring it can be green and vibrant but it can also be vulnerable to fire, since we are in a drought.

This is not a place for 188 homes where children will be living!!







Turn your stack of shoes 


and clothing into

Donate your gently used textiles and shoes to benefit a great organization.   Turn your trash into CA$H by donating your gently used clothing & other items to Sierra Club.

It’s a No Co$t Fundraiser!!!

Ten percent of our water footprint is in the products we use and the clothes we own. Because cotton is such a water-intensive crop, it takes 700 gallons to make a single cotton shirt!

Recycle those textiles today!!!

Accepted Items are: Clothing, bed linens, blankets, comforters, table linens, drapes, curtains, handbags, backpacks, belts, purses, hats, baseball caps, stuffed toys and toys. Board games and puzzles are accepted if complete sets.

All shoes except ski boots. Shoes should be paired with laces tied together or with a rubber band around the pair.

Place clothing in a large size hefty or 39 gallon garbage bag.

No tape please!

The Clothing & Shoe donation drive continues at the Angeles Chapter Office.  A box is available there to collect any donations.  Please call the Chapter Office at 213-387-4287 for help finding a volunteer to pickup a donation and deliver it to the office.

Donate and drop off your items at this location

Angeles Chapter, 3435 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 660 (Equitable Bldg)

 PHONE NUMBER  1-213-387-4287, ext. 210


All proceeds to benefit Sierra Club Angeles Chapter serving Los Angeles & Orange Counties. Always helping to Enjoy, Explore and Protect the planet!

It’s a Win Win for everyone and a zero waste event!