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Select LPC Peak

To view this information first select the peak you are interested in (if the peak you are interested in does not appear on this list please contact the webmaster). The search radius is used to determine how far out from the peak to look for objects such as other mountain peaks or cities. The Map Datum and Coordinate Type is selected based on your needs and the type of map you are using. By default you will be shown any listed peaks within your search criteria. If you would like to see cities or additional map features such as lakes, campgrounds, dams, etc. click on the appropriate check boxes.

Select LPC Peak:
Select Search Radius (miles):
Select Map Datum:  NAD27
Select Coordinate Type:  Degrees
Show Cities:  (optional)
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This material is provided by the author for educational use only and is not a substitute for specific training or experience. The author assumes no liability for any individual's use of or reliance upon any material contained or referenced herein. When going into the outdoors it is your responsibility to have the proper knowledge, experience, and equipment to travel safely.

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