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WTC Outings

Listed below you will find a wide array of outings sponsored by WTC and other Sierra Club entities. These trips fall into the following categories:

  • Experience Trips
    Intended as Experience Trips for students that have completed the WTC course and will meet the requirements for graduation.

  • Restricted Trips
    These trips are intended to improve WTC leader skills and require a greater amount of skill and experience than the typical student possesses.

  • Outings Of Interest
    Trips that do not qualify as experience trips but are none the less interesting and fun outings.

  • Training Opportunities
    Also listed are Training Opportunities which provide various types and levels of training. For leadership training and advanced technical workshops, please refer the the Leadership Training Committee website. The LTC website lists numerous outings that provide training in leadership and environmental awareness in addition to rock, snow, and navigation.

Outing Classifications

Each of our listed trips is rated by an outings classification. The Angeles Chapter Safety Committee has established these classifications for outings in order to give participants an idea of the different levels and areas of skill needed for the trip.  These classifications do not relate to strenuousness.

  • C - Conducted
    For events under external control of a non-sierra Club entity (e.g., ranger, concessionaire). In these cases, the Sierra Club has little responsibility beyond administrative matters.

  • O - Ordinary
    Applies to uncomplicated outings such as hikes on trails or equivalent.

  • I - Intermediate
    Includes outings involving off-trail travel that require navigational skills.

  • M - Moderate
    Applies to Outings that involve Class 3 rock climbing or snow travel requiring the use of an ice axe.

  • E - Extreme
    Applies to Outings that involve Class 4 rock climbing or snow travel requiring the use of crampons.

  • T - Technical
    Applies to outings that involve specialized technical skills. (e.g., technical rock climbing, scuba diving, ski mountaineering, etc.)

Experience Trips

Most WTC students will find the non-restricted outings within their abilities. When selecting a trip read the description carefully and contact the leader for additional information. Consider the distance, elevation, duration, and destination, then contact the leader listed in the trip description. Remember that “M” level trips are a bit more technical than those you took during WTC. Trip leaders will select participants that match up well to the trip.

To reserve your place on an outing, send the leader two 9.5 x 4 inch self-addressed stamped envelopes (sases) or email as specified in the trip description. Include an information sheet with the following information: your name, address, home & work phone numbers, your WTC leader’s name, the outing you wish to join, your experience, your physical conditioning program and whether you need or can offer a ride.

As the outing approaches, the leader will send you an itinerary and a list of participants so that you can arrange your own carpool. The leader will state whether there are any permit fees you must share. If permit fees are required, please send a check payable to the leader for your portion. These fees are not refundable if you cancel and your place cannot be filled.

These outings fill up early! Plan ahead and reserve a place. If you must cancel, please notify the leader as soon as possible so another student who wants to graduate can take your spot. Remember to take your Student Record Card with you on the outing so the leader can sign it for you.

Participation in WTC outings may be denied by leaders for legitimate reasons. The leaders are responsible for the safe and enjoyable conduct of these outings, and will use their best judgment in selecting participants.

Angeles Chapter Sections

The outings published on this website are sponsored by a variety of Sierra Club groups and sections. As a WTC student, your training places you in good standing with other groups and sections of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club who welcome your participation in their outings.

  • Wilderness Training Committee (WTC)
    These outings are open to anyone with appropriate experience and physical conditioning. WTC leaders plan these outings to help students fulfill the requirements for graduation. These outings are reviewed by the WTC Outings Coordinators to ensure that they do not exceed the abilities of WTC students on rock and ice, but still provide the students with an opportunity to summit a peak.

  • Sierra Peaks Section (SPS)
    A number of SPS introductory outings are offered as well as joint SPS/WTC outings suitable for WTC students. WTC students who are interested in the SPS are encouraged to participate in these outings.

  • Hundred Peaks Section (HPS)
    Most HPS outings are dayhikes in the local mountains. They are a good way to explore our local wilderness and stay in shape. Some HPS outings are overnight backpacks that fulfill the requirements for WTC graduation.

  • Desert Peaks Section (DPS)
    Because most DPS outings are day hikes with car camps, few meet the requirements for experience trips. However, they are an excellent way to gain additional hiking and climbing experience with knowledgeable leaders.

  • Wilderness Adventures Section (WAS)
    WAS offers a wide variety of events including day hikes, backpacks, ski trips, car camps & bus trips. Some of their backpacks fulfill the requirements for WTC graduation.

NOTICE: In order to participate in a Sierra Club outing, you will need to sign a liability waiver. If you would like to read a copy of the waiver prior to attending the outing, please see

NOTICE: In the interests of facilitating the logistics of some outings, it is customary that participants make voluntary carpooling arrangements. The Sierra Club does not have insurance for carpooling arrangements and assumes no liability for them. Carpooling, ride sharing or anything similar is strictly a private arrangement among participants. Participants assume the risks associated with this travel.

Hint: If you are looking for a particular leader, location, etc., use your browser's search function to locate it. With most browsers this is done by clicking on Edit and then click on Find in the drop down menu.

To contact a leader or reservationist, send an email to the Webmaster indicating the trip you are interested in.


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