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Current Items

Below are a few items of interest for our current students:

Navigation Aids
Have you ever hiked to the top of one of our beautiful mountains and wondered what mountain peak that was off in the distance or what city that was down below? Are you planning a trip and you'd like to know what topographic map you'll need to bring along or what things you might see along the way? You'll find the answers to these questions and many more by clicking on Navigation Aids.

Homework UTM Coordinates
Here are the UTM coordinates for each of the locations listed in Homework assignments A & B.  By using these you should be able to reduce the time it takes to do the homework to less than half. Click on Homework UTM Listing to view this information.

Topographic Map Information
Here is a reference to the items shown on a typical topographic map. Click on Topographic Map Information to view this reference.

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