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Conditioning Hikes

Below you will find an array of regularly occurring O-rated conditioning hikes that may prove useful for getting in shape and staying in shape. Contact info for the leaders is listed in the Angeles Chapter's Schedule of Activities.

Conditioning Hike on Signal Hill:

Moderately paced 4 mi rt, 700' gain hike. Meet 7 am every Sat Hill St & Redondo Ave.

  Ldrs: Ellie West, Albert Hockney

Sponsor:   Long Beach

Long Beach El Dorado Nature Center Walk:

Brisk to moderate paced 4 mi rt walk on flat terrain. ID numerous native birds, learn flora and fauna along the way, marvel at the creation of lakes and ecosystems in the midst of urban development. Optional breakfast at the El Dorado Golf Course Restaurant following the walk. Meet 7:50 am every Sat in the parking lot at the El Dorado Library ( Studebaker Rd near Spring St). Bring comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen. Rain cancels, drizzle goes.

  Ldrs: Joe Maynard, Donna Lejins, Jim Mohr

Sponsor:   Orange County Sierra Singles

Moderate Hike in Griffith Park :

Moderately paced 3-4 hr park hiking tour. No beginners or tigers. Meet 8 am every 1st and 3rd Sat of each month Upper Merry-Go-Round parking lot. Bring water, snack, lugsoles, gloves (optional). Rain cancels. 1st Sat Ldrs: Carl Lowe, Chuck Molloy. 3rd Sat Ldrs. Rich Mader, Peter Doggett

  Ldrs: Rich Mader, Peter Doggett, Carl Lowe, Chuck Molloy

Sponsor:   Griffith Park

Peters Canyon Conditioning Hike:

Fast-paced conditioning hike 6 mi rt, 700' gain. Not for beginners. Meets every Sat 8 am (from 5 Fwy, N on Jamboree or from 55 Fwy, E on Chapman, take Canyon View to park entrance-if park is closed, meet in Taco Bell parking lot on corner of Chapman and Jamboree). Bring water, lugsoles, $2 for parking or have permit. Rain cancels.

  Ldrs: Sharry Puraty, Steve Botan, Lynn Heath, Shilo Bartlett

Sponsor:   Orange County Sierra Singles

Evening Beach Walk:

Pleasant, moderately paced 5 mi, 1½ hr beach walk to enjoy sunsets, stars on the Pacific and to walk yourself into condition. Beginners welcome. Meet every Mon at 7 pm by the big tree beside the former library building in Veteran's Park just S of Redondo Beach Pier. Bring flashlight. Rain cancels

  Ldrs: Jeff Naumann, Linda Wooldridge, Marilou Lieman, Larry Vivian

Sponsor:   Palos Verdes-South Bay

Conditioning Beach Walk:

4-5 mi of brisk, fast paced walking. 7 pm every Mon. Hikes start at Belmont Pier parking lot (S of Ocean Blvd at end of Termino St, near Belmont Pool side-free parking after 6 pm). Flashlight optional.

  Ldrs: Jeff Kenyon, Betty Buldan

Sponsor:   Long Beach

Conditioning Hike in Palos Verdes:

PV Peninsula conditioning hike for leaders. Others welcome at own risk. 5-7 mi in 2 hours on hilly trails. Not for beginners. Meet 6:30 pm every Mon dead-end of Crenshaw in Palos Verdes. Wear sturdy shoes; bring flashlight (preferably red lens). Rain cancels.

  Ldrs: Michael Coble, Greg Hitchings, Dave Hixson

Sponsor:   Palos Verdes-South Bay

San Pedro/PV Conditioning Hike:

Strenuous 2 hr, 5-8 mi conditioning hikes on flat/hilly streets/trails to explore fauna/terrain in San Pedro/PV. Leave every Tue at 6:30 pm promptly from 8th and Averill, San Pedro. Wear sturdy shoes, bring flashlight (preferably red lens). Rain cancels.

  Ldrs: Barry Bonnickson, Brooks Chadwick, Michael Coble, Jeff Naumann, Tony Trull, Linda Werk, Joyce White

Sponsor:   Palos Verdes-South Bay

Beginners Conditioning Hike:

Easy 1½ hour hike on the greenbelt and hilly streets of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach . Leave promptly every Tue at 7 pm from the far end of the parking lot of the Hermosa Valley School . Bring flashlight (preferably red lens). Rain cancels.

  Ldrs: Alix Benson, Sharon Brossier, Jackie Childers

Sponsor:   Palos Verdes-South Bay

Conditioning Hike in Playa Del Rey:

Moderately paced 5 mi, 1½ hour hike from Del Rey Lagoon Park to Burton Chase Park and back. Beginners welcome. Meet 7 pm every Tue and Thu Del Rey Lagoon (W on Culver Blvd to Esplanade, R 1 block to park at 6660 Esplanade). Rain cancels.

  Ldrs: Catherine Froloff, Alice Spring

Sponsor:   Airport-Marina

Conditioning Hikes:

2 hr hike in nearby mountains. Beginners welcome. Meet 6 pm every Tue and Thu Palmdale rideshare pt. Bring hiking shoes, warm clothes, water, flashlight. Rain cancels.

  Ldrs: Vern Benhart, John Delamotte, Bill Brennan, Alice Kettering, Jerri Clifton, Steve Caldwell, Kate Allen, Nate Krumm, Liz O'brien, Charles Brown

Sponsor:   Antelope Valley

Conditioning Hikes on Signal Hill:

3 hikes: A faster group, 5 mi, 800' gain; moderate groups, 4 mi, 700' gain; slow group, 3½ mi, 600' gain. Meet 7 pm every Tue & Thu Hill & Redondo. Bring water, lugsoles, optional flashlight.

  Ldrs: Erlinda Cortez, Chris Dominguez, Albert Hockney, Jeff Kenyon, Joaquin Valadez, Bob Yinger

Sponsor:   Long Beach

Fullerton Weekly Beginner Hike:

Join our social group on this weekly beginners' hike of 4-5 mi in the dells and gently hills of Fullerton . Meet 6:30 pm every Tue Mar-Oct NE end of Laguna Lake , Fullerton (from Harbor Blvd, W on Hermosa, L on Lakeside ). Wear sturdy boots, bring water, money for optional dinner afterwards, flashlight. Heavy rain cancels; drizzle goes.

  Ldrs: Ellen Clegg, Steve Feld, Martin Kluck, Jacqueline Meese, Bill Morgan, Joel Ortmann

Sponsor:   Orange County Sierra Singles

Griffith Park Evening Hike:

Range: slow to strenuous. Meets 7 pm every Tue, Wed, Thu Upper Merry-Go-Round parking lot. Bring flashlight.

  Ldrs: Frank Ariagno, Jason Arthur, Stag & Nami Brown, Ron & Carol Brusha, Ann & Lou Cavalieri, Angela Colicchio, Peter Doggett, Alice Goldman, Jim Kilberg, Daniel Kinzek, Donna Lee, Carl Lowe, Don Lum, Richard Mader, Jim McMurray, Ronald Millman, Ed Miskin, Chuck Molloy, Al Moggia, Ann Pedreschi, Jennifer Rootes, Judy Rosenberg, Dirk Runge, Michael Sandford, Bill Schleifer, Marianne Silverman, Betty Snow, Don Suter, Byron Taylor, Rosemarie White, Joe Young. T/Th Coord: Louis Alvarado, Wed Coord, Stag Brown

Sponsor:   Griffith Park

Irvine Conditioning Hike:

Easy, moderate and tiger paced hikes, 4-7 mi rt on trail in hills. Meet 6:30 pm every Tue and Thu (take 405 Fwy, exit S on Jeffrey/University, L at Ridgeline, L at Turtle Rock, pass Sunnyhill, L into parking lot of Turtle Rock Community Park). Bring water, light hiking boots, flashlight.

  Ldrs: Fran Stambaugh, Donna Specht, Steve Botan, John Larue, John David, Lynn Heath, Markey & Robert Neighbors, Sue Harris, Shilo Bartlett

Sponsor:   Orange County Sierra Singles

Tue Conditioned Hikers/Coastal Santa Monica Mtns:

Energetically paced 9-12 mi, 1500'-2500' gain hikes on coastal trails in the Santa Monica Mtns. Ldrs/weather conditions decide destination. Meet 8:15 am each Tue Jul-Sep Malibu rideshare pt. Bring water, lunch, lugsoles.

  Ldr: Stephen Judge

Sponsor:   Santa Monica Mtns TF

Tue Moderate 4-6 Mi Easy Pace Hikers:

Summer Schedule. Meet 7:30 am top of Reseda Blvd (from 101 Fwy, exit Reseda Blvd, S to top). Bring lunch or snack, water, lugsoles, hat, sunscreen.

  Ldrs: Ramona Dunn, Virve & Ants Leps

Sponsor:   San Fernando Valley

Tue Tiger Hikers:

2 hr, 5-8 mi fast-paced strenuous hikes in Santa Monica Mtns. Rideshare to local trailheads. Meet/leave 7 pm sharp each Tues at new meeting place (1 block W of Topanga Cyn Blvd on Clarendon St , 1 stoplight S of Ventura Fwy, next to post office). Bring flashlight. Tue Fast Hike Comm: Bill Crane (chair), David Michels, Carol Miller, Gordon Nipp, Joan Weaver

Sponsor:   Santa Monica Mtns TF

San Pedro K9 Conditioning Hike:

Strenuous and fun hike for people and their well-behaved k9 friends. 6-8 mi, 1000' gain in 2 hours on trails/hilly streets. Beginners in good condition welcome. Leave every Tue 6:30 pm from 8th and Averill, San Pedro. Bring water, bowl, cleanup bags, leash, flashlight (preferable red lens). Rain cancels.

  Ldrs: Liz Kennedy, Bob Beach, Barry Holchin

Sponsor:   Palos Verdes-South Bay

Griffith Park Hike:

A moderate 5 mi rt, 1145' gain hike to Mt Hollywood. Great midweek workout. 3 small breaks on the way up, stop at the top, gawk at the city lights 'til we get a chill, then return to our cars by 9:30 pm. K9 are welcome. Meet 7 pm every Wed flagpole at Griffith Park HQ/Visitors Center (on Crystal Springs Rd ). Wear lugsoles for good traction or use care if wearing sneakers; bring 1-2 qts water, snacks, flashlight; bring long leash, extra water for k9.

  Ldrs: Mike Brostoff, Grace Hengst, Will McWhinney, Rick Mitchell, Teresa Nick, Barth Norton, Eric Sas

Sponsor:   Gay and Lesbian Sierrans

Mile Square Park Conditioning Walk:

Join us for a moderately paced 4 mi walk around Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley on flat terrain. Fit beginners welcome. Optional dinner or snacks afterward. Meet every Wed 6 pm parking lot at Brookhurst and Heil (behind basketball courts). Bring water. Rain cancels.

  Ldrs: Bart Bartlow, Shilo Bartlett, Bruce Hemphill

Sponsor:   Orange County Group

Puente/Whittier Hills Conditioning Hike:

Moderately paced 5-6 mi hike in the lush canyons of the Puente/Whittier Hills. Please no beginners. Enjoy this Emerald City hike as the sun sets in the west. 700' gain up long switchbacks and trails with varying routes. Be prompt to enjoy the sunset. Meet 6:30 pm every Wed S end 7th (where street ends and turn R to park on Orange Grove to park on street-from Pomona Fwy, exit 7th Ave, go S to Orange Grove). Bring hiking boots, water, flashlight. Rain cancels.

  Ldrs: Steve Feld, Jerry Johnson, Bill Gaskill

Sponsor:   Orange County Sierra Singles

Thu Moderate Hikers/Summer Schedule:

Moderately paced 6-8 mi hike, depending on weather, in northern Topanga State Park . Meet 7:30 am every Thu top of Reseda Blvd in Tarzana (from 101 Ventura Fwy, take Reseda Blvd exit, turn S, go 3 mi to end, Mulholland Gateway Park with street parking). Bring plenty of water, snacks, lugsoles, hat, sunscreen.


Sponsor:   San Fernando Valley

Conditioning Hike on Palos Verdes Peninsula :

Strenuous 2 hr, 5-8 mi conditioning hike on flat/hilly streets/trails that emphasizes flora/terrain of PV. Leave promptly every Thu at 6:30 pm (except Thanksgiving) from parking lot near Rite Aid Drugs at Hawthorne & Silver Spur. Wear sturdy shoes. Bring flashlight (preferably red lens). Rain cancels.

  Ldrs: Michael Coble, Sharon Brossier, Brooks Chadwick, Tony Trull, Joyce White

Sponsor:   Palos Verdes-South Bay

Morning Hike in Griffith Park :

2nd Fri of each month. Meet 8:30 am Fern Dell/Red Oak inside park (north of Los Feliz). Rain cancels.

  Ldrs: Ann & Louis Cavalieri

Sponsor:   Griffith Park

Pacific Palisades Fri Evening Hike in Topanga State Park To Parker Mesa Overlook:

Spectacular view of LA Basin and Santa Monica Bay . Moderately strenuous, 2 hr, 5 mi rt, 1100' total gain on fire road. Optional dinner at restaurant after. Meet 6:45 pm Los Liones Dr at Sunset Blvd (0.3 mi from PCH) for rideshare to trailhead. Bring Flashlight. Rain cancels.

  Ldrs: Phil Dorner, Ed Lubin

Sponsor:   West LA , Sierra Singles Section

Tiger Hike:

6:45 pm Westridge (N on Mandeville Cyn Rd to stop sign, L on Westridge to end, 2½ mi). - For the adventurous who enjoy strenuous 5-6 mi hike on steep rocky trail in dark of night. All hikes leave 6:45 pm Wed (Oct-Mar). All trailheads are N of Sunset Blvd between PCH & 405 Fwy (see Schedule for locations). Driving instructions given from Sunset Blvd. Bring flashlight. Rain/fire closure cancels. Hike Coord: Grant Rigby.

  Ldrs: Jim Adler, Noel Bell , Veronique Pascal, Mikki Siegel

Sponsor:   West LA

Henninger Flats Conditioning Hike:

6 mi rt, 1400' gain aerobic conditioning hike. Great views of the LA Basin and the night sky. The museum is usually open when we arrive at the Flats so you can learn about the history of the area during the brief rest before starting back down. Seasonal hike every Mon running from Oct-May. Meet 7 pm at gate on Pinecrest (exit 210 Fwy at Altadena Dr, N 2.5 mi to Crescent Dr, R to Pinecrest). Bring water, flashlight, sturdy shoes. Rain, landslides cancel. For additional information, contact Coordinator/Ldr: Nancy Silbermann.

  Ldrs: Pam Allen, Terry Ginsberg, Jim & Ginny Heringer, R J Secor, Virgil Shields, Byron Taylor

Sponsor:   Pasadena

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