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Senior Chapter Director wanted
The Senior Chapter Director is the top staff management position in the Angeles Chapter. As such, is responsible for advising the Executive Committee and directing the staff in implementing all programs of the Angeles Chapter. Position reports directly to the Executive Committee through the Chapter Chair. Deferred giving and major gift fundraising are top priorities for this position. The Senior Chapter Director is responsible for managing all Chapter staff.

How I learned to love (or at least not hate) National Leader Standards

Chair, Angeles Chapter Outings Management Committee

As everyone might know, on July 1 the Outdoor Activities Governance Committee approved a set of leader standards that all current Sierra Club outings leaders are required to meet. These new standards were adopted because many chapters had no formal leader training program, and National felt that all outings leaders should meet some sort of current minimum.

Chapter heads to Peru and Bolivia


You have read about them or seen photos: Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca. Now's your chance to experience these marvels in person.


Photo courtesy Virgil Shields

Southern Sierran Passages

Ray L. Riley, 1930-2005

Southern Sierran News & Notes

OMC seeks volunteer representatives
The Outings Management Committee has the responsibility for overseeing all aspects of the Angeles Chapter's outings program, including training, safety, and the outings conducted by the Groups, Sections, and Committees within the Chapter.

50,000 Californians will gather to clean the coast

More than 50,000 volunteers will turn out to over 700 inner-coastal cleanup sites throughout California on Sept. 17 from 9am to noon to conduct the world's largest garbage collection.

Cleanups will be held along bays, creeks, rivers, highways, and the coast. Since first organized as an annual event by the California Coastal Commission in 1985, more than 650,000 Californians have removed more than 10 million pounds of debris from our coast.

Southern Sierran USFS to raise entry fees for National Parks

'If it were up to me, the entire forest would be free,' an Angeles National Forest administrator said. 'But we don't live in Wyoming. We live on the edge of a large urban center where 1,000 people at a time take a walk in the woods.'

Southern Sierran Talbert Nature Preserve provides a haven for nature in Costa Mesa

We are told that even in the city, nature is all around us. Affirmative, but only if we take the time to look. When I relocated for a year to Orange County after 30 years in the Santa Monica mountains, the Santa Ana River trail and Talbert Nature Preserve in Costa Mesa saved my life. A woman walking her dog told me about the river trail, and it was all downhill-toward the ocean-from there.

Southern Sierran Tour highlights the majestic, endangered Santa Clara River

Have you heard about the Santa Clara River, L.A.'s last free-flowing, unchannelized river? How about the huge 21,000 unit Newhall Ranch project that threatens to change the river forever? Do you want to see why American Rivers listed the Santa Clara as one of the most endangered rivers in the nation in April of this year?

Come see for yourself what we stand to lose. Join us Sept. 17 from noon to 4pm for a tour of the western reaches of this beautiful river.


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