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Senior Chapter Director wanted
The Senior Chapter Director is the top staff management position in the Angeles Chapter. As such, is responsible for advising the Executive Committee and directing the staff in implementing all programs of the Angeles Chapter. Position reports directly to the Executive Committee through the Chapter Chair. Deferred giving and major gift fundraising are top priorities for this position. The Senior Chapter Director is responsible for managing all Chapter staff.

Former director authors book on life in Sierra Club

The Angeles Chapter will host a reception for former Sierra Club executive director Michael McCloskey at the Chapter Office on Wilshire Boulevard from 5 to 6 pm on Nov. 20, in honor of publication of his book In the Thick of It: My Life in the Sierra Club.

Forest campaign adds staff member

Our local forests have a powerful new advocate in Juana Torres, a Sierra Club regional organizer working exclusively on the Southern California Forests Campaign.

Forest plans fall short

and Juana Torres

Haven't received your ballot?

2006 Angeles Chapter Elections

If you are a member in good standing (dues current) and have not received your Southern Sierran and the enclosed Chapter ballot by November 17, call the Angeles Chapter office (213-387-4287) and ask for one to be mailed to you. Be prepared to give your name, address and Sierra Club membership number (shown on mailing labels of Sierra Club publications you receive).

Grab your ballot! 2006 Angeles Chapter Elections

Choosing capable leaders is one of the most important actions we take as Sierra Club members to make the Club a strong, effective organization. In the November issue of the Southern Sierran, you will find a ballot for choosing seven at-large members of the Angeles Chapter Executive Committee and for electing members of executive committees of regional groups at the local level. A pullout section (pages E1-E4) contains the candidates' statements. Please read this and vote. Your ballot must be postmarked by Nov. 22.

The last tidelands

The sliver of California's coastal wetlands that remains, unprotected by the Coastal Act, is in danger of development

According to Don May, Sierra Club and Earth Corps member in the Long Beach area, California's tidelands are at risk for development from San Francisco to San Diego. One of the key questions is how should we view tidelands that have been fallow for decades-should we open them up for commercial development or work to restore them to their original biological purposes?

No on Proposition 76

Sierra Club California Legislative Representative

With the support of the governor, the business-backed Citizens to Save California has proposed an initiative to fundamentally change the budgetary process-imposing a new spending limit, giving the governor broad new powers, and significantly changing Prop 98 (education spending) and Prop 42 (transportation funding).

No on Proposition 75

Senior Representative, Sierra Club California

Conservative ideologues and large corporations have placed on the Nov. 8 special election ballot an initiative to prohibit public employee unions from making expenditures on political activities, including electoral activities, issue advocacy, and any other political or legislative cause, unless they have obtained the express written consent of each union member whose dues will be used.

Thousands attend first Sierra Summit

The Moscone Center in San Francisco was awash in green as Sierra Club members from across the nation gathered on September 8-11 for the Club's first National Environmental Convention and Expo.

Sierra Summit 2005 brought 700 delegates representing every Sierra Club chapter, group, and national entity together with about 4,000 members and the general public. The Angeles Chapter had one of the largest delegations, overtaking the cozy Hotel Bijou near Union Square. Happy hours there Friday and Saturday nights attracted members from Arizona, Florida, and Tennessee.


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