Thank you donors who brought valuable material to our Living Legacy Library!

Donations continue to grow the Angeles Chapter's Living Legacy Library. Credit: Rod Currier

Have a solution to the California drought? Play the Innovation Games: Water

Think you have a good idea on how to save water and help California during its crippling drought? Or just have a great water-saving or water-protecting idea? Here's your chance to share your idea and get help implementing it too.

Meet newly elected Sierra Club 2015 board members

The ballots have been counted and newly elected members to the 2015 Sierra Club Board of Directors are:

--Allison Chin

--Spencer Black

--Margrete Strang Rangnes

--Liz Walsh

--Steve Ma

These five join the 15-member board. Angeles Chapter members Susana Reyes, Dean Wallraff as well as Loren Blackford, Donna Buell, Michael Dorsey, Jim Dougherty, Charles Frank, Jessica Helm, Aaron Mair and Robin Mann will remain on the governing board.

Sierra Club to Big Oil: There are no 'clean' fossil fuels

Earlier this year, the Sierra Club Board of Directors adopted a strong and clear policy opposing all hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for natural gas and oil.

New photo book is a love letter to John Muir and Southern California's mountains

L.A.'s new sustainability plan, by the numbers

Mayor Eric Garcetti announces his plan for L.A.'s sustainable future. Credit: Alec Lautanen

Never heard of skhiking?

Where's the snow? Leader Mark Mitchell, center, and participants explore Onion Valley on skis -- and on foot. Credit: Mark Mitchell

Just say no to Huntington Beach desalination proposal

Poseidon Water, a private corporation based in Connecticut, is making the next move in their effort to build an environmentally destructive ocean desalination plant in Huntington Beach.  After a humiliating setback at the California Coastal Commission in November 2013, they are once again moving forward with their proposal, with no attempt to protect the environment. You can help stop this threat by sending a letter to the Orange County Water District Board.

Southern Sierran/Schedule of Activities for April-June is here!

Get outta here! The latest Southern Sierran/Schedule of Activities provides hundreds of hikes, trips, activities for you to go on this spring and summer.

Join us for Earth Day events!

Each year, Earth Day -- April 22 -- marks the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Join us for these events and celebrations throughout the month of April.


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