The Organics Project Public Outreach Volunteers

Thursday, February 7, 2013
George Watland


Sign Up as a Public Outreach Volunteer for The Organics Project

Please Sign up today.

Help raise public awareness about better policies and practices to manage food scraps and yard trimmings now dumped in landfills. Volunteers are needed to:

  • Reach out to inform & involve Sierra Club groups and committees
  • Prepare plans to advise city & county officials about policies & practices
  • Speak to city councils, county officials, and community organizations
  • Participate in community festivals & public events
  • Canvas residents, businesses and organizations to sign petitions
  • Contact news media with statements and related materials
  • Post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Meetup



The Organics Project was organized to find out how cities in Los Angeles and Orange counties manage food scraps and yard trimmings, known in waste parlance as “organics.” This nutrient-rich and carbon-rich resource makes up a whopping 35 percent of everything we throw away*. All too often it is squandered and becomes an environmental hazard when dumped into methane-belching landfills. 

Our mission is two-fold:

·         First, we seek to learn what cities know about organics, what they do about organics, and what they plan to do about this resource in the future.

·         And second, we aim to share the information we collect with city officials and residents alike so we can work together towards more sustainable waste management policies and practices.

 We invited 49 cities to participate in Phase One of this survey and received submissions from 23 cities. The responses of the first 23 cities provide an initial glimpse into policies, programs, practices, and plans to reduce landfill disposal and increase source reduction, composting, and anaerobic digestion of food scraps and yard trimmings in L.A. and Orange counties. We rely on faith that city officials submitted responses that accurately reflect the policies, programs, practices, and plans of their city.

The Phase One report and related information collected by The Organics Project is now available for review and download at:





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