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Outings Schedule


Below is a list of outings sponsored or co-sponsored by the Sierra Peaks Section. All trips require an application, made well in advance, by sending an e-mail or sase to the Leader. Many leaders will require qualifications or references. Restricted trips (MR and ER) are limited to Sierra Club members who are on the Mountaineers List or have equivalent experience. Please review the material following this Outings Schedule on the topics of transportation, Liability Waviers, Restricted Mountaineering Trips and Rules of Conduct in the Activities Requirements section before submitting a participation request.  Detailed leadership contact information can be found in the Angeles Chapter Schedule of Activities

SPS Outings are also listed on the Sierra Club outings system (O.A.R.S.), SPS selection,    HERE     Url for that same listing is:               

For all Angeles Chapter Activities, see OARS site at :  

You may search there using sponsoring entity:  Sierra Peaks, or other entities such as LTC. 

E-mail links for some of the lleaders are provided below.

Activity listings for other Angeles Chapter Outings Sections and the Leadership Training Committee may be accessed by following the links displayed at the bottom of this Listing of Outings for the Sierra Peaks Section, as well as at the Angeles Chapter web site..

Check this page for the SPS trips.  New outings none appear here that were added after other schedule deadlines. Some earlier completed outings may be also posted here to give the visitor a feel for the types of activities the Sierra Peaks Section conducts in the Sierra Nevada of California during the climbing season. Following are the 2013 TRIPS:

MAY 4-5, 2013                    Sat -Sun           LTC, Sierra Peaks, Desert Peaks
 M/E R:  Sierra Snow Checkoff/Practice:  For M & E candidates wanting to check off leadership ratings or others who wish to practice new techniques.  Restricted to SC members with some prior basic training with the ice axe.  Send SC#, climbing resume, email, H&W phones to Ldr: Nile Sorenson    Co-ldr:  DOUG MANTLE.

MAY 18-19, 2013           Sat -Sun              LTC, Sierra Peaks, Desert Peaks
M/E R:  Sierra Snow Checkoff/Practice:  For M & E candidates wanting to check off leadership ratings or others who wish to practice new techniques.  Restricted to SC members with some prior basic training with the ice axe.  Send SC#, climbing resume, email, H&W&Cell phones to Ldr: Tina Bowman Co-ldr: Tom McDonnell.

May 25-27, 2013           Sat-Mon                WTC, SPS                                                  
MR: Mt Dade (13,600’)
: 13mi, 3700’ on snow. Sat afternoon backpack 4.5mi, 1200’ on snow from Rock Creek Lake to Treasure Lakes. Sun snow climb Mt Dade via hourglass couloir, 4mi rt, 2500’ from camp. Mon backpack out. Sat and Sun happy hours. Restricted to Sierra Club members. Must be comfortable on snow. Helmet, ice axe, crampons, climbing harness, and medical form required. Snow and weather conditions will be monitored and trip postponed if warranted. Email Sierra Club number, climbing resume, snow experience, experience with class 3 or higher rock, current conditioning, altitude tolerance, and contact information to Ldr: Sandy Lara Co-ldr: Anne Marie Richardson

June 8, 2013                          Sat                SPS, HPS
MR:  Lone Pine Pk  (12,944’): 
A strenuous day hike & snow climb of the NW slope from Meysan Lakes, 6 mi rt, 5000’ gain. Previous snow climbing experience or training required.  Email or SASE with Sierra Club number, climbing resume, conditioning, Sierra Club medical form, and carpool info to Ldr: GARY SCHENK, Co-Ldr: TINA BOWMAN

June 21-23, 2013                 | Fri-Sun                SPS
O: Southern Sierra Sojourn:
Leisurely hikes to three peaks on the Kern Plateau. Part of an “old-timers” series, the trip is open to vintage climbers and newer ones. Long happy hours guaranteed Fri and Sat nights at USFS’s Troy Mdw CG (7800'). On Sat, climb Sherman Pk (9909'), 5 mi rt with 1170' gain on trail. Then, climb Bald Mtn. (9382'), 0.6 mi rt with 155' gain on trail or gated forest road. Spectacular panoramas on both peaks. On Sun, drive on paved roads to Blackrock Gap and climb Blackrock Mtn. (9635'), 1.5-mi rt with 700' gain on forested slope bordering Golden Trout Wilderness. Other Explorer Emblem peaks nearby for independent consideration. Co-leaders: LARRY, BARBEE TIDBALL. Send sase with H&W phones and e-mail address (sase not needed for those supplying e-mail addresses) to Reservationist/Assistant: JERRY KEATING.

Jul 12-14, 2013                   Fri-Sun                  SPS, WTC                      
MR: Matterhorn Pk (12,279'), Whorl Mtn (12,033'), Twin Pks (12,323'):
Friday backpack 5.5 miles, 3700' gain to camp near Horse Creek Pass. Friday afternoon climb Matterhorn Pk, 2 mile & 1600’. Saturday climb 3rd class Whorl Mtn via southeast chute, 4.5 miles & 3100’ gain. Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning climb Twin Pk, 2 mile, 1400’ gain. Sunday pack out and head to Whoa Nellie Deli to celebrate. Totals for the outing are 19 miles & 6700’ gain. Helmets required. As is comfort and experience on 3rd class alpine rock and loose talus. Send e-mail with climbing resume ,Medical Forms and recent experience to Ldr: David Chapman. Co-Ldr: Neal Robbins

Jul 20-21, 2013                     Sat-Sun                   SPS
I: Spanish Mtn (10,051'), Three Sisters (10,612')
: Join us for two fine day hikes in the western Sierra. On Saturday we'll hike up Spanish Mtn via 4WD road or trail and x-c (16 mi, 3500' gain), then car camp and have a fiesta. Sunday it's Three Sisters via trail and x-c from Courtwright Reservoir (12 mil, 2500' gain). Send sase or esase (preferred) to Ldr: Tina Bowman. Co-ldr: Jim Fleming

Jul 26-28                              Fri-Sun                                 SPS, WTC      
MR: Split Mtn (14,042’), Mt Prater (13,471’), Mt Bolton Brown (13,491’), Mt Tinemaha (12,520’):
  Come join us in climbing a classic Emblem peak and one of California’s 14’ers.  Friday backpack to Red Lake, 5 miles & 4100’ gain.  Saturday climb a semi- loop of Split Mtn, Mt Prater and Mt Bolton Brown, 7.5 miles & 5700’. Sunday climb Tinemaha, 2.5 miles & 1900’ and then pack out 5 miles. Totals for the outing are 20 miles & 11.7K’.  Participants must be in excellent condition and be comfortable on 3rd class alpine rock and loose talus.  High-clearance vehicle and possibly 4x4 needed to access trailhead.  Send e-mail or SASE with climbing resume and recent experience to Ldr: Neal Robbins, Co Ldr: Matt Hengst

Aug 8-11, 2013                 Thur-Sun                                 SPS/WTC                                                 
ER: Mt. Clarence King (12,907'), Mt Gardiner (12,907’) and Mt Cotter (12,713’):
Restricted mountaineering outing over Kearsarge Pass and into Sixty Lakes Basin to climb a classic Emblem Peak (CK) and a mountaineers peak (Gardiner). Thursday backpack from Onion Valley over Kearsarge & Glenn Passes to camp in Sixty Lakes Basin, 12 miles & 5000’ gain. The next three days we’ll climb Clarence King (5.4 cl), Gardiner (4th cl), Cotter (2nd cl) and potentially Fin Dome (3rd cl) before packing out. Totals for the outing are 37 miles & 15K gain. Participants must have 4th class roped alpine climbing experience, and be comfortable on exposed 3rd class and loose talus. Send e-mail or SASE with climbing resume and recent experience to Ldr: Jack Keifer, Co-Ldr: Neal Robbins

August 16-18, 2013                         Fri-Sun                                      WTC/SPS
I: Mt. Rixford (12,887), Mt. Gould (13,005'):   
Spectacular Eastern Sierra views plus picturesque lakeside camping on this no-rush rendezvous with destiny. Friday we will pack in over Kearsarge Pass to camp and happy hour at Kearsarge Lakes (5 mi, 2600'). Saturday we go 4.5 mi., 2500' gain cross country in a loop to our peaks and back to camp. Sunday pack out. $6 permit fee. Send experience including WTC affiliation if you are a student, conditioning, phones, email and rideshare info via email to Ldr: Edd Ruskowitz. Asst: John Cyran.
Aug 21-25 Wed-Sun SPS/WTC
MR: Mt Kaweah (13,802'), Black Kaweah (13,680'), Red Kaweah (12,713'), Grey Kaweah (13,680'): Restricted mountaineering outing into the remote Great Western Divide to climb Mt Kaweah, an emblem peak, Black Kaweah a mountaineer's peak, and also Red & Grey Kaweahs. On Wednesday we'll backpack from Mineral King over 3rd class Glacier and Hands & Knees passes, descend to the Big Arroyo and then climb to a basecamp lake at 11K', 13 miles & 6600'/3500' gain & Loss. Over the next 3 days we'll climb Mt Kaweah, Black Kaweah, Red Kaweah & Grey Kaweah and possibly other area peaks as time allows before packing out on Sunday. Totals for the outing are 38 miles & 18,600' gain. Participants must be in excellent condition and be comfortable on exposed 3rd class alpine rock and loose talus. Send e-mail or SASE with climbing resume and recent experience to Ldr: Neal Robbins, Co-Ldr: Paul Garry
Aug 23-26, 2013                   Fri-Mon                              Sierra Peaks
I: Mt Pinchot (13,494'), Mt Prater (13,471'):
Friday cross Taboose Pass 9mi, 6300’ gain to camp. Saturday climb Pinchot, 6 mi rt, 2600’ gain.  Sunday climb Prater 14 mi rt, 3400’ gain. Sunday pack out. Send email or sase with resume, conditioning, carpool info to Ldr: Gary Schenk. Co-Ldr: John Cheslick
Aug 23-25, 2013                        Fri -Sun                              WTC, LTC, Sierra Peaks                       MR: Mount Clark (11,522’), Gray Peak (11,573’):  Join us on an adventure into the southern Yosemite to climb these two classic peaks in the Clark Range. Friday pack in 8.1 miles, losing 1,200’ and then gaining 1,700’ to our camp between Red and Gray Creeks in the Illilouette Drainage. Saturday we’ll scramble up to the summit of Mt Clark via its airy and exposed 3rd class southeast arête, where we’ll marvel at the spectacular views of the seemingly numberless granitic domes, spires, ridges and faces that surround us. If time is available we’ll continue from Clark to the summit of Gray Peak by traversing the southern ridge that connects the two peaks, and then return to camp via the western slopes of Gray Peak. Expect 8.3 miles and 4,450’ gain for the day (6.5 miles and 3,600’ if only Mt Clark). Sunday we’ll pack out via the same route we came in. Must be a current Sierra Club member in excellent condition and be comfortable on exposed 3rd class rock with experience climbing on belay. Helmet, harness and belay device required. Permit limits group size and permit fee ($65) will be split among the group. Email Sierra Club number, contact info, climbing resume, recent experience and conditioning, and carpool info to Mat Kelliher for trip status and details. Leaders: MAT KELLIHER, BETH EPSTEIN

Sep 21-22, 2013                    Sat-Sun                                  SPS, WTC
M: Moses Mtn (9,331’), N Maggie Mtn (10,234’)
: Join us for an M rated trip into the west side of the Golden Trout Wilderness, Southern Sierra. Perfect M-level WTC experience trip for students wanting to get back out on the rocks. Sat we’ll hike in (3 miles, 1000’) to set up camp & head for North Maggie Mountain (5 miles, 3000’). Sun we’ll do a 3rd class scramble up Moses Mtn (5 mi, 2000’) before returning to camp to pack up. Helmets and comfort on 3rd class rock required. Send recent experience, conditioning, and contact & carpool info to Ldr: Neal Robbins, Co-Ldr:  Stephanie Smith

You may make a selection below to see the Outings Schedules for other Angeles Chapter Activity Sections



Leadership Training Schedule
Desert Peaks Outings Schedule
Lower Peaks Outings Schedule
Hundred Peaks Outings Schedule
Ski Mountaineers Outings Schedule
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In the interests of facilitating the logistics of some outings, it is customary that participants make voluntary carpooling arrangements. The Sierra Club does not provide insurance for carpooling arrangements and assumes no liability for them. Carpooling, ride sharing or anything similar is strictly a private arrangement among participants. Participants assume the risks associated with this travel.  It is customary to arrange in advance how carpool partners will share the driving expenses.


In order to participate in a Sierra Club outing, you will be required to sign the Liability Waiver, usually combined with the sign-in sheet. You are strongly encouraged to read the Liability Waiver prior to attending the outing.


Outings requiring the use of mountaineering gear (ropes, climbing gear, ice axe, crampons) are considered Restricted Trips. Examples are snow climbs, some class 3 peak climbs, all class 4 - 5 peak climbs, Leader Training Committee (LTC) workshops and rock and snow checkoffs. Such trips require careful screening of participants by the Outings Leader. The requirements for participants on Restricted Trips include the following:
  1. You must be a member of the Sierra Club. Although not required, you are encouraged to join the SPS.
  2. You must be technically well qualified for the activity if it is a climbing trip (typically be on the "Mountaineers List"). Technical skills can be developed at LTC workshops and through many commercial guide services and training courses. 
  3. All participants on Restricted Trips must submit a completed Medical Form to the Outings Leader and sign the Mountaineering Oversight Committee Waiver for these trips.
  4. Helmets are required on all Restricted Trips and are recommended on all class 3 outings involving rock climbing by the National Mountaineering Oversight Committee.


I Fully Agree that this outing is a group activity under the complete control of the leaders. With this as my guide, I agree without reservation to the following rules proscribed by the Management Committee of the Sierra Peaks Section of the Angeles Chapter, Sierra Club.In order to assure the well-being of all; preserve natural beauty and living things; maintain good will toward the Sierra Club and its objectives the following Rules apply to all persons joining SPS activities. Conduct must, at all times, be acceptable to the group itself, to the general public, and to officials with whom the group may come in contact. The authority of the leaders is to be recognized. The policy of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club is that there is no place in Sierra Club outings for harassment, sexual or otherwise, of leaders or participants.  Such action by any Sierra Club leader or participant will not be tolerated, and violation of the policy will result in disciplinary action, including loss of leadership status and loss of the privilege of participation in Sierra Club events and outings.
  1. Never precede hike leader; never leave group without leader's permission; abide by leader's rulings as to adequacy of clothing, foot-wear, equipment, proficiency, experience, etc. Unless prior arrangements have been made, individuals and groups will not be given permission to leave the main party.
  2. No Individual will be permitted to climb by himself/herself under any circumstances.
  3. Unscheduled activities, including glissading or climbing by an alternate route, will not be permitted unless the leader's approval is obtained in advance.
  4. Individuals must always maintain sight or sound contact with the main party.
  5. Use extreme caution to avoid dislodging rocks.  If one is loosened, immediately call "ROCK!" in a loud clear voice to those below.
  6. Base Camp will not be abandoned by the group until all climbers are accounted for and are in base camp.
  7. All Members of the group under emergency conditions such as an accident, search or rescue will make themselves available as long as is required to complete the operations.
  8. Attendance at the pre-climb briefing is mandatory for all climbers.
  9. All costs incurred such as for special search, evacuation, rescue or medical aid beyond first aid are the victim's responsibility.
  10. Obey all fire, sanitary, administrative, and safety regulations of both the Club and any governmental agencies.  Don't throw rocks. Bring out all litter. Take only photographs; leave only footprints. On trails, don't cut switchbacks.  All cooking should be done on stoves. Where permitted, and wood is not is short supply, one campfire for the group is sufficient.
  11. Firearms and animals are prohibited.
  12. Persons less than 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or have written permission from same giving phone number and authorization for continuing treatment by an MD in case of necessity.
  13. The use of Cell Phones and Mobile radios (except in the event of an emergency) may be restricted by the leader. Radios for navigation or GPS devices are allowed.
  14. The use of portable entertainment devices is prohibited.  (I-pod, walkman, games, etc.)
  15. Certain trips may require modification of these rules by the leader.
The leader is here for the express purpose of leading you safely into and out of the mountains.  Cooperate with him/her and trust his/her judgment.  The above will be in force until the group returns to the trailhead. Make sure you understand these restrictions as they apply to your qualifications to participate- be sure you are qualified to participate and that you will not handicap the group because the activity is too strenuous for you.  The privilege to attend SPS outings may be limited or withdrawn from those who willfully and/ or repeatedly do not comply with the Rules of Conduct.  The outing leaders are the sole judge of the qualifications of participants and they are required to screen participants to manage the safety of the entire group.  The Chapter Safety Committee has established the following classifications for outings that involve different levels and areas of skill but do not relate to the strenuousness of the outing.


For events under external control of a non-Sierra Club entity (e.g., ranger, concessionaire).


Applies to uncomplicated outings such as hikes on trails or equivalent. “Class 1” terrain.


Includes outings that involve cross-country -travel where navigation is necessary. Rougher ground than “O” outings may be traversed, and the use of hands for balance may be necessary.  Includes outings that have snow travel or skiing on easy terrain.  Climbing level: "Class 2” terrain. 

M - R
M - S

Includes Moderate level climbing: “Class 3” terrain.  On rock, the hands are used for climbing.  Some participants may want a safety belay.  On snow, safety dictates the use of ice axes and the ability to self-arrest. M-Rock and M-Snow ratings are available.


More exposed than an M outing.  Climbing on “Class 4” terrain.  Rock climbs will use a rope for all in the party.  On snow, climbing steeper terrain than on M outings is permissible and safety dictates the use of crampons.   


Applies to outings that involve specialized technical activities.

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