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Schedule of Private Trips

2012-2013 Season
Updated Mar 21, 2013  

Definition of Private Trips vs Scheduled Sierra Club Trips

"Private" trips are all activities which are not sponsored or administered by the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club. 

"Private" does not mean that they are "exclusive" or "closed to the public". On the contrary, friends and newcomers are equally welcome to join, just like on "official" Sierra Club trips. "Official" does not mean that they are "better" or "safer", just more "structured".

For "private" trips the Sierra Club has no information about the planning of these activities, makes no warranties about the quality, safety, supervision or management of such activities and provides no liability insurance for the leaders.  The organizers of private trips need not be approved SMS Leaders or even members of the SMS or Sierra Club. There are no official leaders, just friends skiing together without legal responsibilities. You learn more when you are responsible for yourself than when you follow a group leader who thinks for you.  

These trips are listed here because they are likely of interest to SMS members who want to go on trips on a short notice or when two rated SC leaders are not available. The latter is a current problem since most long-term SMS members are reluctant to become leaders, many approved leaders are inactive and older leaders have retired.  

Private trip announcements should be submitted by e-mail to the SMS Webmaster .

Private trips are not sponsored or administered by the Sierra Club. All participants are equally responsible for their own safety and that of the group. There is no official "Leader". It is an outing among a group of friends. Everyone is expected to know and follow the basic safety standards that are practiced on SMS trips. Private trips are as safe as Sierra Club trips. The difference is that you are responsible for your own actions rather than delegate your safety to a leader.

List the following information:

Trip Date:

Trip Location:

Trip description:

Meeting place:

Contact person initiating the trip and potential participants with e-mails:

Private Trips

(Actually, some of Ted Lenzie's trips are Sierra Club trips but sponsored by another Chapter, Unfortunately, the Angeles Chapter does not sponsor trips from other Sierra Club Chapters. Thus, they must be listed here as "private" trips.)

Jan 18-21,Fri-Mon, 2013

Mammoth Ski Weekend

Join us for 3 days of skiing in the Mammoth area. Stay in comfortable condo, ski mountain or join local ski tour. Cost includes 3 nights comfortable condo, 2 dinners, happy hour, continental breakfast, $35 cancel fee before 12/15. Entire fee non-refundable after 12/15 without suitable replacement. Send E-mail, H&W phones, & $245 check w/SC# (Ski Mountaineers), $265 non-member to Organizer May Adachi.

Feb 2-3 Sat-Sun, 2013

Mt. Baldy ski hut

Come enjoy Mt. Baldy, mid winter. The touring and chutes from the Baldy hut at this time of the year can be exceptional. Join us for some of Southern California's finest backcountry skiing. The comfort and ambiance of the Hut itself is always exceptional. Cost: $15/night, Sierra Club members; $20/night, non members. You'll need to be at the hut by 9 a.m. on Saturday, in order to deposit your packs in the hut, which will be locked at 10 a.m., so we can get out to enjoy the area. We'll meet up, again, for the eve, to enjoy the sweet hut's warmth, solar generated light, & best spring water. The hut will be closed for several hours on Sunday, so we can get out on the mountain, but opened up, mid day-mid afternoon, in order to clean up, & collect our packs. BYO food/refreshments/sleeping bag. Reserve to Organizer May Adachi. Co-Organizer Alvin Walter.

Feb 23-24 Sat-Sun, 2013

Keller ski hut

Come enjoy the San Bernardino mountains, & the grand Keller ski hut, just across Highway 18 from Snow Valley. You'll need to arrive by 9a.m., Sat., to unload your pack. The hut will then be locked at 10a.m., so we get out & enjoy the area, via skis, snowshoes or foot. We'll meet up to open the cabin, again, in the eve, to enjoy warmth, hot food, & sleep! The hut will be closed for several hours on Sunday, again, but will be opened mid day/mid afternoon, to clean up, & fetch our packs. The overnight hut stay is under $15. BYO food/refreshments/sleeping bag. Reserve to Organizer May Adachi.

Mar 23-24 Sat-Sun, 2013

Mt. Baldy

Ski Baldy's backside this weekend. Join Jake and me at the bottom of the resort chair at 7:30am Saturday to take a scenic ride to the Notch then hike to the secret stash just west of Harwood. We will set up camp there and ski to our hearts content Sat & Sun. There has been reliable snow there for the last dozen years that usually lasts into June. Just note that this weekend the temps will be cold and we won't likely have corn - although we will have a good adventure. Reserve to Organizer Alvin Walter.

More to come....

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