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This is a message board for any news item of immediate interest to the SMS community. For example, snow and avy conditions, trip reminders, trip changes, program announcements are all welcome. Of course, no politics or offensive stories will be posted.

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1. Sung Byun has created a FaceBook Group page for the SMS.


The main idea behind this is to make it easy to organize last minute trips (most likely after a big storm).

2. SMS Central Committee Election - VOTE BY 10/25/ 2012

Listed below (in alphabetic order) are 8 nominees for next year's SMS Central Committee:

Louisa Bonnie

Sung Byun

Mark Goebel

Randy Lamm

Tom Marsh

Bruce McVicker

Kat Seiple

Alvin Walter

VOTE for FIVE of the nominees to be the newly elected SMS Central Committee.

Send us your votes (i.e., a list of 5 of the above nominees that you would like to serve) via one of the following options:

1. EMAIL VOTE: E-mail to the Election Committee: Jim Garvey, Jake Faller, John Anderson.

2. MAIL VOTE: Mail your vote to: May Adachi, 8939 Gallatin Road #67, Pico Rivera, California 90660

Remember, the polls will close at midnight on October 25th, so send an email or note in the mail NOW before the time slips away. The newly elected SMS Central Committee will be swearing in once they take office.


Kat Seiple


Two new SMS Newsletters have been provided by our Mugelnoos Editor, Jake Faller. Click on Mugelnoos 814 and 815.

Thank you very much, Jake.

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