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Management Committe

Name Position
Gerrie Montooth Acting - Chair
Jeanne Korpenko VP Chair
Elaine Ayala Treasurer
Mary Morales Outings Chair
Joe Phillips Co-Outing Chair
Marty Rexinger Hospitality
Jeanne Karpenko Co-Programs
Mary Morales Co-Programs
Marianne Borselle Social Media
In progress Webmaster



Al Moggia Kathleen Murphy
Arlene Bernstein Linda Hillman
Bob Dean Marianne Borselle
David Cross Marshall D. Ratinoff
Ed Lubin Marty Rexinger
Elaine Ayala Mary Morales
Elaine Mellinger Randall Krause
Francine Oschin Roslyn Wilkins
Gerrie Montooth Sandra Tapia
Gloria Stuntebeck Terry Boehmer
Jean Noud  
Joe Phillips  
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