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Photos taken on PV-SB local hikes can be viewed at YouTube and using the search criteria "pvsb sierra club."

All PV-SB sponsored outings/events have now been set up using the new OARS system, which is being phased in nationally for the Sierra Club. Select the following link to see a Calendar View of all scheduled PV-SB outings. You will also see a choice to view outings sponsored by all Angeles Chapter entities.

Our activities are open to the general public as well as Sierra Club members unless otherwise noted in the write-up. In order to participate on one of the Sierra Club's outings, you will need to sign a liability waiver. If you would like to read a copy of the waiver prior to the outing, please see Chapter and Group Outings Liability Waiver Form or call (415) 977-5528.

Ride sharing

In the interest of facilitating the logistics of some outings, it is customary that participants make carpooling arrangements. The Sierra Club does not have insurance for carpooling arrangements and assumes no liability for them. Carpooling ride sharing or anything similar is strictly a private arrangement among the participants. Participants assume the risks associated with this travel.

For a complete list of Rideshare Locations with map links, go to

Activities and Outings Skill Level Rating Codes

The Chapter Safety Committee has established the following classifications for all Chapter sponsored outings to differentiate the levels of skill required of participants and the event leaders. This classification does not relate to outing strenuousness.
Rating Explanation
C For events conducted by a non-Sierra Club entity (i.e. Concessionaire)
O Applies to a variety of uncomplicated outings (i.e., city walks, bike rides, trail hikes, backpacking.) May involve simple off trail hiking not requiring navigation skills. Climbing level: "Class 1" terrain.
I Includes outings that involve cross-country travel where navigation is necessary. Rougher ground than "O" outings may be traversed, and the use of hands for balance may be necessary. Includes outings that have snow travel or skiing on easy terrain. Climbing level: "Class 2" terrain.
M Includes Moderate level climbing: "Class 3" terrain. On rock, the hands are used for climbing. Some participants may want a safety belay. On snow, safety dictates the use of ice axes and the ability to self-arrest.
E More exposed than an M outing. Climbing on "Class 4" terrain. Rock climbs will use a rope for all in the party. On snow, steeper terrain than M outings is permissible, and safety dictates the use of crampons.
T Technical outings requiring specialized skills as identified in the sponsoring group’s safety policy.