Los Angeles County Political Committee

Los Angeles County Political Committee

The Angeles Chapter political committees work to promote the election of environmentally sensitive candidates to public office, and to maintain a working relationship with legislators and other elected elected officials. Activities include recommending endorsements to the Chapter Executive Committee, organizing support for endorsed candidates, and maintaining a liaison with successful candidates after elections. Groups, sections, committees, and task forces are eligible to appoint a voting member of the committees, but individuals may also become members.

Please Donate to the Angeles Chapter Political Committee to support its work in Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County Political Committee
Chair:  Amanda Wallner
Meetings: Usually every second Monday of the month at 7:00 pm at Chapter Headquarters.

Get involved where you can really make a difference!

  •     collaborate with other groups on certain issues and at election time
  •     research election issues and candidates at all levels, from national on down to local
  •     advise Sierra Club national and regional leaders on issues
  •     work to get environmental issues on the ballot and help to get them passed
  •     meet with candidates and elected officials
  •     lobby in person, by phone, by email and letter writing
  •     help the Sierra Club decide which candidates and propositions it should support
  •     educate our fellow Sierra Club members about candidates and issues through reports at meetings...

.... And we have a lot of fun doing all of the above!