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Sierra Club Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO) is a community outreach program providing opportunities for urban youth and adults to explore, enjoy and protect the natural world. 

We work with schools, community groups, and other agencies to create safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences for persons who might not otherwise have them. ICO outings promote individual growth through group activities and environmental and outdoor skills education.



ICO is a network of regional groups--right now you're exploring the Orange County, CA-based ICO group.  Directly below you'll see the links to the Los Angeles-based ICO group, the San Diego-based ICO group, and our adminstrative parent group, National ICO.





Dick Schroer, OCICO Treasuer, and Dorothy Gutierrez,      
OCICO Chair, and the kids from the Bolsa Grande High      
School's Wilderness Adventures Club explore Julia Pfeiffer  
State Park, Big Sur, CA, April 2014                                    



All volunteers, school and agency contacts, and any other interested parties are invited to attend.
We host our meetings once every two months, depending on the group's needs.  Typically the meetings are held in Huntington Beach, on a Sunday from 4 pm to about 6 pm, and we like to turn it into a potluck.
If you're interested in attending one of our friendly meetings, please contact
Dave Fujiyama




Why do we do this?

ICO volunteers believe that the wilderness is a precious and fragile resource to which all people should have access. With the guidance of ICO volunteers, participants discover the beauty of wild lands and how to responsibly and safely enjoy them.

Young people learn valuable survival skills and strengthen their abilities to face challenges, both inside and outside their urban environments. We often organize stewardship projects like trail maintenance or trash pick up, so our participants learn to give back to the parks we enjoy so much.

Through active involvement with nature, the ICO program increases participant's environmental awareness. Interpersonal skills and self esteem develop as a natural result of teamwork and an active relationship with the outdoors.




Current OC ICO Committee Officers

Dorothy Gutierrez, Chair    totomom_99@yahoo.com

Dick Schroer, Treasurer   dbschroer61@gmail.com

Dave Fujiyama, Certification and Outings Chair   davefujiyama@gmail.com