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Outings Management Committee

The OMC meetings are held the first Monday of each even numbered month.


The OMC (Outings Management Committee) is the committee responsible for the Outings Program in the Angeles Chapter. It teaches wilderness skills and environmental awareness, promotes and certifies leaders, manages risk by formulating and enforcing safety policy, and provides support to the entity outings programs (see Links). Part of these responsibilities demand close cooperation between the OMC and the Entities, e.g. the timely review of proposed outings.


The OMC was created in June 2002, to create a more vibrant outings program. The approach was to create a more democratic entity to oversee the program. This is requirement is mostly accomplished by the elections held at the annual Outings Assembly. Each entity with an outings program elects a set of representatives to the OMC (5), Safety Committee (1), and the Leadership Training Committee - LTC(1), at the yearly assembly. We encourage all outings leaders are to attend.


Organizationally, the OMC is a standing committee and reports directly to the ExComm; the OMC chair is a non-voting member of ExComm. Chapter Safety, WTC, and LTC all report to OMC, and each of their chairs are members of OMC. The entities really don't report to the OMC, but there is substantial influence between the "two", for example, through the acts of leader certification and publication monitoring. The OMC also has significant influence upon the National Committees. This occurs in two ways, through the "Org chart" (OMC "reports" to the Local Outings Support Committee (LOSC)), and through the individuals on OMC who are also members of the National Committees: Outdoor Activities Governance Committee (OAGC - the lead National Committee), the Mountaineering Outings Committee (MOC), and the Outdoor Activities Training Committee (OATC).


The 2014 OMC is made up of the following individuals:

OMC ChairJane Simpson*
LTC ChairAnne Marie Richardson*
Safety Committee Chair Ron Campbell*
WTC ChairDavid Meltzer*
ICO RepCatherine Ronan*
Outings RepsSilvia Darie*
Donna Specht*
Bill Vanderberg*
Vice ChairBill Vanderberg
Int'l Trips LiaisonDonna Specht
Secretary/OmbudsmanDavid Meltzer
Conservation Comm. LiaisonCharming Evelyn
Bus TransportationJoel Goldberg
Rideshare CzarJoe Young
First Aid CoordinatorSteve Goldstein
Bus Transportation CoordinatorJoel Goldberg
Chapter ChairCarole Mintzer
WebmasterPhil Bates
(* indicates voting members)


OMC meetings are held on the first Monday of the even numbered months at 7:00pm. All those involved in the outings program are invited to attend.

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