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Ski Schedule / Winter Events

Orange County Sierra Singles has one of the best all around ski programs in the Angeles Chapter. We kickoff in November with programs, meetings and safety classes introducing all of our events and trips. Leaders are chapter rated and in December ski leaders go through extra training in rescue, backcountry ski skills, survival shelters. Don't worry, we have never really had to use a survival shelter, but it is fun trying out our skills with a snow shovel and ski poles.

We usually have 4 to 6 trips to Mammoth staying in deluxe accommodations. Check the write ups for details or contact the trip leaders. The trips are designed for downhillers, backcountry skiers, snowshoers, snowboarders, beginner backcounty ski lessons, and of course non skiers are always welcome.

We also offer some local mountain day ski tours and a weekend at Keller Hut. Some of the finest snow around can be found in our local mountains just after a storm.

Be sure to join the Sierra Club if you are not already a member so you can take advantage of the special discount member price.

Orange County Sierra Singles is an entity of the Sierra Club-Angeles Chapter, a non–commercial, non-profit operation that conducts activities for the benefit of Club members and their guests.

The trips are staffed by volunteers and any funds raised supports OCSS and Angeles Chapter Conservation. The trips are fun! Come join us.

Reservations: To reserve a trip: Mail trip payment, the indicated number of SASE (4" x 9 ˝" self-addressed stamped envelopes), Sierra Club # as soon as possible to the Reservationist. Please Do not call trip leaders for reservation information unless indicated. Space is first come, first served, based on receipt of your check. If you have preferences on bus seat, seat partner or roommate(s), please indicate your request in writing. Earliest reservations are normally seated up front on bus. You will be notified shortly of your status on trip. Use Email, if available for follow-up contacts.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received 35 or more days prior to the event will receive full refund. Cancellations received less than 35 days prior to the event will receive a refund Only If Trip Is Full And Space Is Resold To Suitable Replacement. A cancellation fee of $5.00 or 10% (whichever is greater) will apply. Some trips have unique cancellation policies; please refer to trip write-up.


Please Sign up early!