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Conditioning Hikes
Below you find a listing of our weekly conditioning hikes that occur on a regular basis.


O:[OCSS, Rio Hondo Group, OCG]: Hike with our social group on this regular weekly beginner's hike of 4-5 miles in the gentle hills of Fullerton. Slow to medium pace is great for beginners. Each week we rotate through numerous trails in the area to provide new experiences. Optional dinner afterwards. Last Tue. of each month we have a potluck dinner. Hike scheduled during daylight savings time, i.e. March through Oct. Meet at the east end of Laguna Lake in Fullerton (from Harbor Blvd, W on Hermosa Dr, L on Lakeside Dr for Ĺ block and park on the street). Look for hikers on east side of Lakeside Dr. Wear sturdy boots, bring water, flashlight. Leaders: Martin Kluck, Joel Ortmann, Chris Lewis, Margee Hills, Houria Hall. Host: Sanford Opperman, 714-993-0651
O: Easy/Moderate/Tiger paced hikes, 4-7 mi rt on hilly trails. Bring water, light hiking boots. 405 Fwy, exit S at University/Jeffrey, L on Ridgeline, L on Turtle Rock, pass Sunnyhill, L into parking lot of Turtle Rock Community Park. Ldrs: John La Rue, Kim Gunderman, Phil Weinreich, Sue Harris, Joel Kenyon, Ghia Domont-Bohl, Fran Penn, Fred Lamb, Jim Palmer, Donna Specht, Maura Van Strien, and Ted Wright.
O: [OCSS, Puente Hills Task Force] Moderately paced 5-6-mile hike in the lush canyons of the Puente/Whittier Hills. Please, no beginners. Enjoy this Emerald City Hike as the sun sets in the west. 700' gain up long switchbacks and trails with varying routes. Wear hiking boots and bring water. Rain cancels. Be prompt to enjoy the sunset. Meet at south end of 7th Avenue where street ends and turn right on Orange Grove to park on street. Use 7th Ave. Exit off Pomona Fwy, go south to Orange Grove. Leaders: Jerry Johnson, Bert Padilla, Laura Franciosi.
O: Fast paced conditioning hike, 6 mi RT, 700' gain. No beginners or Tigers! From 5 Fwy, N on Jamboree, or from 55 Fwy E on Chapman. Take Canyon View into parking area. Bring water, lugsoles, $3 for parking or have permit. Rain cancels. (Important Note: If park is closed, meet in Taco Bell parking lot, corner Chapman/Jamboree). Leaders: Sharry Puraty, Fran Penn, Norman Montgomery, and Shilo Bartlett.

A CITATION OF MERIT is awarded to an Angeles Chapter entity for its help and support in Angeles Chapter activities and achievement of goals.


Award presentation at the Chapter Awards Banquet May 4, 2008.

The Orange County Sierra Singles Sectionís weekly Conditioning Hikes and Nature walks have been providing continuous events since the late '70ís.Many of the leaders have been leading for 10, 15 and 20 years.Such dedication to keep these events going year after year through summer heat, winter cold, early mornings and dark nights is truly remarkable and worthy of recognition.These are the only regularly scheduled hikes of this kind serving the general public and Sierra Club members in and near the Orange County area. ††The events provide a rich recruiting opportunity for new provisional leaders and new Sierra Club members in addition to educating the public in the value of protecting urban open space. The Irvine hikes draw on a large Persian community in the area and their inclusion promotes more diversity in the Sierra Club, Angeles Chapter.


Historical notes:

  1. Irvine Turtle Rock Conditioning hikes began around 1979 and are our longest running regular hikes.In the beginning the hikes listed leaders for beginners, moderate and tigers.The Tigers led by Charlotte Clarke met near Concordia and later beginner and moderate hikes met at Turtle Rock Community Park.Currently the leaders and sweeps can accommodate up to 6 different paced hikes from sidewalks, easy, moderate up to strenuous.Currently there are 15 leaders taking turns leading with Robert and Markey Neighbors and John LaRue organizing and maintaining safety.

Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-8pm, 96 hikes per year, averaging 70 participants for a total of 6,000 signatures on sign in sheets each year.


  1. Puente Hills Conditioning hikes have a history that goes back to the 70ís when hikers used the equestrian trails.Around 1980, the Rio Hondo Group began leading Sierra Club hikes and later Orange County Sierra Singles leaders continued with regularly scheduled hikes.Steve Feld was instrumental in recruiting new leaders and promotion. Co sponsored with the Rio Hondo Group and Puente Hills Task Force.Current leaders are Jerry Johnson and Bert Padilla.

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm, 48 hikes per year, averaging 10-15 participants for a total of 720 signatures on sign in sheets each year.


  1. Long Beach El Dorado Nature Walk originated in 1988 as a 4 mile conditioning walk on flat terrain and still continues with more of an emphasis on flora and fauna along the way in the midst of urban development.The event is co- sponsored by the Long Beach Group and the Natural Science Section which brings in participants from a wide range of localities.Current leaders are Joe Maynard, Diana Legins and Todd Williams.

Saturdays 7:50 am, 48 walks per year, averaging 20 participants for a total of 960 signatures on sign in sheets each year.


  1. Mile Square Park Conditioning walk has been off and on again since 1990.Sometimes called the "early bird special" meeting at 5 or 6 pm.Depending on the leaders, the pace was usually fast or faster.The leaders remember going to Nickís for cheap pasta after the brisk walks. Co sponsored with the Orange County Group. The current leaders are Bart Bartlow and Sharon Kirk.

Wednesdays 5pm, 48 walks per year, averaging 20 participants for a total of 960 signatures on sign in sheets each year.


  1. Peterís Canyon Conditioning hike started in 1993 when some of our leaders went over to check it out.The hike has been really popular and has been led continuously since that time.†† The current leader is Sharry Puraty with many leaders assisting.†† Once a month slower hike at 8:30am led by Sharon Kirk.

Saturdays 8 am fast paced, 48 hikes per year, averaging 20 participants for a total of 960 signatures on sign in sheets per year.


  1. Fullerton Beginners Walk also goes all the way back to 1980.The leaders called it "North FullertonEarnest Beginners hike" and to "please bring treaded tennies."Again they used early equestrian trails. ††Steve Feld kept the hike going, recruiting new leaders and promoting attendance.The current leaders are Marty Kluck and Carol Alexander.

Tuesdays March to October, 6:30pm, 32 hikes per year, averaging 20 participants for a total of 640 signatures on sign in sheets per year.



2/1/2008†† Awards Nomination 08