Lower Peaks Committee

To obtain a list with the current 83 Peak names send a SASE.

There are two ways to receive the Lower Peak Guides. The fastest and least expensive is to order a subscription to the Lower Peak Guides. This is $5 for one year or $10 for three years. Included in the subscription is a zip file which contains all the Lower Peak Guides. This is the same as what is on the CD. The advantage to the subscription is you receive free updates for any changes that are made to the guides while your subscription is active. If you chose to go with the subscription, let me know and I can email the zip file to you right away while the check is still in the mail.

The CD is $6.

In either case, please send your check made out to "Lower Peaks Committee" to:

Gabriele Rau
12 Columbia
Irvine, CA 92612-2632

Please make checks payable to "Lower Peaks Committee". We cannot accept credit cards, sorry.

Please let me know what your preference is. Sorry for any delay and confusion.

We welcome feedback about our peak guides. If you find any apparent errors, changes of conditions, or just want to make a suggestion, please contact Ingeborg Prochazka.