Saddle Peak East


By: Dana Hunter

Most of the peaks in the Santa Monica Mountains have a great view on a clear day. Saddle Peak East is even more exceptional because you get great city, coastal and island views.

You will find the trailhead about 100 yards up the road from the mile marker mentioned in the write up. There is a sign for the Backbone Trail. Take this well worn path up to a fork. Stay to the left. The other path has a sign you can read from the oncoming direction. The trail switchbacks through lush chapparal. Halfway through the rock formations you come to another fork. Take the left. Follow the directions up to the peak. Saddle Peak West is the one with all the radio towers. We had some fantastic views of the Channel Islands, the South Bay, downtown L.A., and Malibu. The hikers on this trip unanimously agreed this was one of the better hikes on the list-nice stroll and great views. Still not feeling too bad? Head for Calabassas Peak-just down Stunt Road. Look for the gate with the road going uphill. The Peak is on the ridge to the left once you get to the top. There is a small enbankment that curve sto left and up to the saddle before the Peak.

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