Mount Yale


By: Gabriele Rau

Sierra Club Lower Peaks Hike

Gabriele Rau and Ron Jones, Leaders

The Angeles National Forest had been closed because of extreme fire danger for 46 days, now it just opened again. This was one of the first hikes, a few days after opening. At La Canada Rideshare a K-9 group also met, some people did not know with which group to go: either with the dogs or to get an education at Yale. We had a total of eleven hikers, a good group. We drove to Mt. Wilson Sky Park gate and started our hike here, on the old Mt. Wilson Toll Road. This road has had several severe rock falls in the last few years, no car could pass. We passed Harvard and came to the spot where one has to climb the very steep slope. Everybody looked skeptically, but everybody made it up fine. The slope was sandy and wet, easy to get to the use trail. The use trail was trimmed and fairly open and in a few minutes we were on the peak. This was an exceptionally clear day, light Santa Ana conditions and the views were outstanding. We could clearly see downtown, the ocean, all the peaks on Catalina, San Jacinto, San Gorgonio and some peaks in Los Padres NF. Ron related the story years ago, when the smog was even worse, a couple moved to Pasadena and after 6 month finally realized they had mountains behind their house! They had not known this, never seen them before. We all got our ‘summit degree’ from Yale. One young couple checked out and left, we hiked down a little later and a little slower. But soon we were at our cars, and to our surprise the couple was still there, on the phone. They had lost their car key!! But they already talked the dealer into bringing them another key (it was a new car) up to Mt. Wilson. I hope we all learn from this, not a good experience.

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